Your situation will not kill you:


Your situation will not kill you:

Under the authority of His master Christ Jesus, Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso took his position and his first remarks to the congregation were, “I am here to do God’s Will in your life. Remember, it is never by might, strength or ability that we come in the presence of God but rather by God’s Grace.”

Thereafter, he then led the house of believers into the message of day titled; “your situation will not kill you.” With reference from the book Psalm 34:4-9: I sought the Lord, and He answered me; he delivered me from all my fears. Those who look to him are radiant.

The Prophet then noted to the house that when God knows the situation you are going through, it is enough for you as a believer. This is because you are aware that anything is going to happen soon. Therefore, no matter the situation you are in; do not lose the joy in your heart because your situation will not kill you. The Servant of God then emphasised that, the fact that God knows about your situation; this means that it will not kill you like the person of the world because God knows about it.

Citing verse 1, I sought the Lord, and He answered me; he delivered me from all my fears. The Prophet of God said that this scripture clearly depicts a believer’s life. This scripture is saying that no matter the situation you are in, however bad it is, you should not stop seeking the Lord. The reason as to why you should not stop seeking God is because He alone knows your situation, the way out and your destiny.  Therefore let your trust be in Him not your family, friends or materiel possessions.

Whatever challenge you are in, is it fear, worry, persecution, poverty, failure or discouragement? It is calling you to seek God more for He is too faithful and dependable. The situation you are in will not kill you. Take a walk in the entire Bible God has never forsaken those who seek Him in truth and Spirit [David, Abraham, Elisha and Job etal].   From that reminder, the Prophet paused a question to the congregation that, “How then can you be the first He forsakes?” He cannot forsake you when your trust is in Him no matter how bad the going seems to be.

Summing up the truth packed message, the Servant of God said that as a believer, whatever you are pursuing and it is not breaking through, do not faint because Christ Jesus is too perfect and dependable He cannot forsake you who trusts in Him.

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  1. Everything that happens to me is meant to build my relationship with God, that is what I get from the message. Thank you Lord

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