As the calendar smiled Easter Sunday on 17th April 2022, the Heavens found it appropriate to send their ambassador Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso to address the children of God. This was his message to the congregation:

“I welcome you in the name of Christ Jesus believers. As I was listening to the testimonies today, it came to my notice that when many of us listen to Prophecies and Revelations, we have a funny concept about them. We see Prophets as witches, wizards and magicians and that is how we approach them.

This kind of attitude is wrong and we need to change it because Prophets are men who speak Light and their message is Light. Therefore, do not judge our messages. In addition to this, I want to remind you that God is Light and whatever He does, is in broad day Light.

Speaking of Revelations and Prophets, let us take a case study on Mr. Wagumba Moses’ testimony; this is what I revealed to this gentleman, “I see a lost document concerning land. The document will be found and the land will be equally divided.” I remember him confirming this revelation to be true.

After three months of this revelation, the document was seen. What is hilarious about this man is that, he had not come for prayer but had escorted a brother and the Spirit of the LORD located him. I believe this was not accidental; the Word of God says that we shall see them by their fruits. Meaning as a Prophet, your fruits must speak for you when you reveal anything.

In John 4:48, Jesus said to His disciples that [NIV]: ‘Unless you people see signs and wonders,’ Jesus told him, ‘you will never believe.’ This means that when we see healings, revelations and prophecies perfected, we should not doubt, rather are to be compelled to believe that the Spirit of God is at work.

That is why, you cannot believe unless you have the faith of the Holy Spirit. Believers, you need your faith to be challenged to follow Jesus. And I advise you not to just follow anyone or any faith before you are convinced, because your faith will stumble and fail when challenged.

What strengthens us in this walk with Christ is the conviction and confidence in Him. That confidence you possess, will give flesh to your faith. However, on the other hand, whatever is failing your healing is lack of confidence in God. Today you are Christian but when hit by challenges, you run away from Christianity.

Let us work upon our faith to be strong in God. The reason we read or hear the testimonies in the Bible is to encourage and build our inner spirits. If God handled the issues of those in the bible, He can do it for you, because, Christ is real; however, you cannot follow him unless you are convinced within your heart. 

Proceeding with the testimony and revelation of Mr. Moses, the Servant of God continued,” I heard him testify and say that the land was divided equally. Should we say it was an accident for this document to be found and the land divided? No! Trust me; God was involved in this whole saga. When we prayed for him, God being involved, He revealed what was missing.

This means, the more you pay attention to Christ, the more your faith will gain flesh. And the more you drop your faith; you will believe what the world says. So do not spend most of your time with people that do not believe, for you will see things as impossible.

Yet, everything is possible for him who believes. I pray that the LORD can challenge your faith to believe. For whenever you stay in your comfortable zone, you can never be challenged to go to another level. When you believe, Christ will construct Himself in your life and it will change drastically.

Believers, as you listen keenly to this message, I pray that your faith can be strengthened because it is all you need right now. Remember, with faith everything is possible. You may not believe it but it is true.

So change the way you behave, and allow your spirit to grow. Whatever you are going through, many have gone through it and have overcome. Learn to always be happy and proud of what God has given you because many do not have it.

Back to where we started from, I know many people ask themselves a question: Who is a Prophet? A Prophet is a man God has chosen and given His Spirit; what makes him unique is the anointing and the Spirit of God upon him to glory HIM.

I want you to take to note that there is a God in the spirit who can help you no matter your situation. Whatever you need, He can always provide. Just look at John the Baptist; God bought him people to baptize at the River Jordan.

Even whoever is listening to me, are you having any business? God will direct to you people you need, but it all begins by knowing Him. The Bible says in Matthew 6:31-33 that seek first the kingdom of God and the rest will follow you.

Meaning the more you seek Him, read His word, practise it or take care of those in need, He will supply what you need.

Luke 8:49-50 [NIV]: 49While Jesus was still speaking, someone came from the house of Jairus, the synagogue leader. ‘Your daughter is dead,’ he said. ‘Don’t bother the teacher anymore.’ 50Hearing this, Jesus said to Jairus, ‘Don’t be afraid; just believe, and she will be healed.’

Imagine Jairus’ look after receiving the message! I believe he was scared. But listen to what I have to say: the moment you are in the presence of Jesus, He will sustain your faith and help you see that everything is possible. Other than this; you will never be able to contain some messages if Christ is not with you.

Remember, when your spirit is not in the LORD’s presence then you are not available because Christ deals with your spirit. That is why, you cannot come with your spirit in His presence and He does not attend to you. For where your heart is, there your spirit, and treasure is.

God is Spirit and rests upon your spirit to heal, favour, grant you a breakthrough and everything else.

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