Soulful worship to the Great I am rang on TVC Radio, as believers from around the world connected in to receive their spiritual meal. In faith and under the instruction of their father in the Lord, Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso, a team of Evangelists welcomed the believers and began by sharing about vision.

They shared, “Losing your vision makes you doubt your calling. This means that situations [personal desires, persecution, sickness and disease etal] can make you forget your calling; however, as Christians what should we do when we lose sight of our visions?

When we get in a time like that, take a few steps back. Taking a few steps back means searching for the heart of God. When you are reminded of your vision, then you will get back on track. Let it also be noted that when you know your vision, then you know your calling.”

From that uplifting sharing, the Prophet of God under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit took his position to pour out what the LORD had placed in his heart. With reference from the book of Matthew 20:20-23 and a message titled:

Your calling is greater than you.

He said, “ This is God’s Time and we have been waiting for God’s Time. Today by the revelation of the Holy Spirit, I want to talk about the ministers of the gospel. Let me share with you what is disturbing the Church today -I believe this sharing will pave a light.

You all have a calling on your life, the day you met Jesus, He made you know your Divine calling. Your Divine calling is bigger than you; but, today, we think we are bigger than our callings yet it is the spiritual that controls the physical. No man is empty –you are driven by spirits, it can be a good or bad spirit.

Believers, do you ever take time to think and meditate on how big and vast your calling is? The moment you start to meditate on it and what Christ calls you, the spiritual takes over and when it does, power is drawn. When King David sat and meditated upon his calling, he said, “Is this how you favour everyone? “

Our lives are moved with what Christ Jesus calls us. If you want your life to move smoothly, you need to salute your calling.  Do not play cards with Jesus. He says the he cannot give what is holy to dogs [Mark 7:24-30].

Your calling is bigger than you. I know of a man in scriptures who played with his calling and it destroyed him. I am not speaking a message of fear but courage, your calling is bigger than you. Do you know why, because many have to be saved through you.

Serving God is greatness, when you look at Matthew 20:21-22; this woman saw wisdom.  She saw that the best reward one can leave for his or her Child is Christ Jesus.  But look at the question Jesus answered in verse 22, “You don’t know what you are asking. “ it is like Jesus was telling her, “You do not know what you are asking.  1. It is too glorious. 2. It is a suicide mission. 3. Woman what are you asking, nobody has ever asked it from me.”

Whatever this woman observed is what we are talking about today. The greatest sacrifice one can make is living for Christ Jesus -understanding that your calling is greater than you. Someone serving Christ Jesus is not being a failure. When you see Jesus as an option, even if you are serving Him –you will never receive Him, rather, you will be an open door for satan.

Look at Matthew, James, Andrew etal, they left their work and followed Jesus. Your calling is greater than you, however, today’s Church; we are hindering our respective callings by trying to control them. Calling is supposed to control you, if you cannot control the wind, you cannot control your calling. Your calling has a greater spiritual force that can control the four spheres of your life.

You may wonder why I am sharing this; it is because I do not want you to take any wrong decisions because of the situations around you. Before you do anything, think of your calling. You will realise many are going through hardships because they do not know who they are, and the truth is if you do not know who you are, you will be misled. The devil works best in our ignorance.

Right now, this should be the thought or question in your heart believer, “Who am I Lord?” Once you understand who you are, you will stop weighing God and your calling against your daily desires. You will feel proud of serving Christ Jesus in your calling because He is only looking for men with a higher calling.”

We believe Child of God that your spiritual knowledge has increased immensely because of this divine message. As you have been blessed, please join in this prayer confession for understanding.

Prayer: Lord, I thank you for this message; it has been an encouragement to me. Holy Spirit of Jesus; help me to know my calling and to be certain of it on Christ Jesus.

Further scripture readings: Matthew 4:18-21 & Philippians 3:10

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