You will go back to your business:


You will go back to your business:

The legend of the widow at Zarephath and the Prophet Elijah in 1Kings 17:7-15 can never run out of time, literally because the Spirit behind it is forever eternal. The same Spirit, who guided the widow out of lack to plenty, is the same One who contemplated Ms. Namusoke Sylvia of Kibili- Wakiso District out of bankruptcy to provision, through His servant Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso; behold today she testifies.

Glowing with God’s favour, Ms. Namusoke narrated that she joined True Vine Communion Ministries of all Nations in 2016. It was then that the Supreme owner of gold and silver blessed her with a business, a retail shop dealing more in soft drinks sale in Kampala city center.

In June 2017, however, she went in for a maternity leave, alas leaving her then well established business to be managed by someone else in her absence. She explained that things did not go as she had planned as everything in her business ran from zero to negatives in a whisker. By the time she came back to her shop, the business had collapsed due to incompetence. She could hardly pay her rent or meet the ends of her loved ones. This broke her down; so down that no man of flesh could mend her up.

It is without doubt that what man cannot do is what God does. On this Ms. Namusoke expounded that while in this outrageous maze with no clue of how to get out of it. She was miraculously positioned by the Holy Spirit one Friday in May 2019 to meet His servant the Prophet of God Abraham Richard Bisaso. With this opportunity at hand, Ms. Namusoke did not hesitate to explain to the Prophet the ruined state of her business. Guided by the Holy Spirit, the Prophet prayed for her and proclaimed that, “No one will take away God’s Yes; you will go back to your business.”

This divine proclamation from the Prophet of God was indeed celestial fuel that propelled Ms. Namusoke to keep going. Even when the times got tough, it did not quench away her faith in God because she believed that God’s Word through His Prophet never bounces. In fact to seal it Ms. Namusoke made it a point to offer the more in the house of the LORD. Soon she was on her feet again; her business boomed up and she was able to stock new soft drinks in plenty and got many customers. She added that God has indeed been good to her for today she is not only in retail sale but into wholesale as well.  This is what exactly the Prophet said that; you will go back to your business. True indeed because Ms. Namusoke is back to business; gone are the empty shelves in her shop for the God who multiplied the little oil in the widow’s jar, has multiplied her business stock.

Thank you Christ Jesus.                             

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