You need help, call for it.


You need help, call for it.

Amidst a prayer cloud that hovered over the pool of healing, Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso took his position at the pulpit to perfect what he was born to do. With the Holy Spirit insight he remarked, “There are two things I have observed; one, claiming that you possess faith when it is feeling. In the spiritual realm, you either believe or not. Two, failing to call out for help yet you need it all because you are seated in pride and fear.” On this footing, the Prophet then led the believers into the message of the day titled; “You need help, call for it.” With reference from the book of Saint Mark 10:46-52: When he heard that it was Jesus of Nazareth, he began to shout, “Jesus, son of David, have mercy on me!”

Imagine carrying pain for many years, but you are so glued in pride to call out for help. How then will help come to you? The Prophet then paused a question to the listening congregation. Look at the scriptures, the moment blind Bartimaeus heard that Jesus Christ the healer was passing by; he dropped all his pride and fear and called out for help. Today, you are too proud yet you have nothing. You are so afraid of People who say, “do not shout for us.” Yet they do not know how tense your afflictions are or how much you need God to help you.

Unless you come out of that seat of pride and call unto God to help you, you will just rot and shrink because no one will ever be sent or positioned to help you. The Prophet then assured the congregants that if you cross examine the four Gospels; no pharisees ever came to Jesus to be healed. It is only Nicodemus who did it because he chose to drop his pride and seek for help from Jesus.

Even today, many Christians go to their prayer rooms and call onto God to help them; for example asking for supply. However, after prayer, they close their eyes and ears to the outside hoping that God will send angels from Heaven to meet their physical needs right there in their prayer room. The moment you pray in faith, the Heavens will position someone and use them to meet your needs thus answering your prayer. He noted that faith is believing that God has answered your prayer while in your prayer room, and come out with assurance that He will use anyone to meet your need.  We are each other’s angels.

If you are a businessman, you neighbour is your customer. If you are a man of God – Pastor, your neighbour is the sheep you are meant to shepherd. How can your neighbour help you or know what you do when you are locked in your prayer room full of pride and fear to come out and tell them. From there, you ask God to send His angels to help you. Whatever you need physically is not in Heaven, it is here and your neighbour has what you need.

Summing up this game changing message, Prophet Abraham Richard cautioned the believers with no reservations that; I know you are saying, “God knows me and He proclaimed great things about me and my future.” That is true God spoke about your future, but remember God can use anyone and anything as an instrument to fulfill His purpose.

Therefore, do not taste the Spirit of God, if you need help say I need help. The truth is, your neighbour may be healed and you fail to be healed because you fear to call out for Christ to help you. Stop being so over righteous. You can never be helped; unless you shout it out that you need help.

Prayer: Christ Jesus, Son of David have mercy on me a sinner and heal me.

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