You can run, but you cannot hide:


You can run, but you cannot hide:

Rising like the Phoenix, Ms. Kayaga Monica of Kabowa- Kampala testified for the amazing God of Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso, whose love endures forever. She narrated that she had a small scale business of food vendoring that she was carrying out; however, it was not bringing in any profits. She clarified that in this clumsy business, she had no punctual customers and she would severally pour away half of the food she had prepared to sell.

Grief stricken, she came before the Lord seeking for a solution and through His Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso the Lord advised her to stop operating business in that area. In addition to that, she was instructed to read the book of Psalm 20 and keep in prayer seeking the LORD on what to do next for one month.
When she received this instruction, she became like Jonah and thought she knew God better (Jonah 1:2-3.) She only sat home for a week and stubbornly started operating her business again with claims of looking for money.

This time though, she moved a very short distance from her former operating stall thinking that she could hide away from God in her new location . Her trivial reason of going back to work led to the total destruction of her business. She became bankrupt and it was then that she fully realised how much she had fallen from God’s instruction and Grace.

Ms. Kayaga Monica noted that God is indeed faithful and merciful when you acknowledge your wrongs before Him. She immediately went into prayer seeking for mercy and indeed the LORD was merciful to her. In the month that followed, an idea came to her to start a business but she had no money. By God’s grace, she was surprisingly re-connected to a reliable acquaintance who she gave this business proposal and he agreed to sponsor her in her first phase.

Within a blink of an eye, she built a temporary store for charcoal selling within her vicinity. God is faithful as His Word and where He guides He provides. Henceforth Ms. Kayaga obliged to the LORD’S guidance, her business has never lacked or lagged back ; rather it keeps on moving to greater heights for the Glory of the LORD shines upon it. No doubt; this is what the Sovereign Lord

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