You are a Child of God!


You are a Child of God!

On 10th June 2020, under the instruction of the Holy Spirit, the Prophet spoke to the believers from Zoom medium platform. Proof text: Psalm 36:5-12.

Psalm 36:5-12: Your love, LORD, reaches to the heavens, your faithfulness to the skies. [NIV] The psalmist who wrote this prayer had recongised and understood that God is the only refuge. He takes care of both men and animals. This means that whenever a Christian worries, you show God that you do not trust Him.

Remember that, no weapon fashioned against you shall prevail. Therefore, it is not good to compare yourself with the world because you are different. Let me emphasize this; IT IS NOT PROPER TO SEE WHAT IS HAPPENING IN THE WORLD AND YOU COMPARE WITH THEM BECAUSE YOU ARE A CHILD OF GOD.

Whenever you do that, you annoy God. What pleases Him the most, is for you to confess who you are amidst of a challenge [Daniel 3:16-18]. That alone is enough for God to come down and defend you. I will advise you; whatever situation you are in, trust God.

 You should not face situations the way the world does! This is because you are Child of God and whatever obstacle before you, you must overcome like our fore fathers. Being a Child of God is enough qualification for you to receive every good promise of God. This means;

  1. Are you sick? God promised to heal you [Exodus 15:26].
  2. Are you lacking? God promised to supply to you [Matthew 6:26]. 
  3. Are you afraid? God promised to give you faith [2Timthoy 1:7].

However, how can these promises be manifested in your life? When you look deep in the scripture, you see that God is ready to fight for a man who is clean in the heart [Pslam36: 10].

A clean heart or an upright heart equals to a man who is ready to always forgive, love and care for the neigbour. When you possess that heart, God is ever ready to fight for you.

Prayer: Whatever negative situation around me, I want to assure you that I am a Child of God!

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