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As the year was ending on 31st December 2021, the Spirit of the most High God carried His Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso to His people; while at the pulpit, he spoke to the believers and His first remarks were, “Good morning believers! I welcome and greet all those praying with us wherever you are in the name of Christ Jesus. I want to believe that you are ready for prayer.

Before we pray, allow me share with you something little. From long ago, the LORD has always spoken to His People through Prophets to know His Will. Even in this generation it is happening.Most of you are just waiting to see the year 2022, but as for me, I started seeing it from the month of September and begun to write what was to come. On that note, allow me share with you a little about 2022.

This is what is coming in the year 2022;

To the Church: I see the LORD, ready to light up fifteen candles. Why? The reason is for His Glory. He is looking for men to light up to be channels 2022. I do not know if this person is going to be you or me, but I am saying, “Here I am LORD.”

Secondly: to the congregation: Do you remember the message I sent you for the coming season? It was your package because everything I wrote in that message will happen to you. And the LORD will win in this matter, the anointed prayer of the season is, “Light of Jesus, light in my life, business, family and my way.”

To the world: Those that do not know Jesus, life has been tough for the past two years, the coming year is going to be tougher but to those that know Jesus, there is a way where seems no way. To the world; it is going to be tougher, heavy and many are going to be laid off from their jobs. Many are going to collapse.

To the Nation Uganda: I saw many riots and unrests. This coming year 2022 we need to pray for God’s intervention. Secondly, the issue of land fights, it is coming to increase but I saw the LORD listening attentively to the poor people. What does it mean? He is the voice for the poor and we are the poor.

Those that are praying let us pray because I have already guided you on what is coming. As we light our candles for prayer, it is a sign of asking the LORD to light our way. As you pray, it is prophetic and a prophetic prayer must be answered by God.

The LORD is ready to light up fifteen candles; the fifteen candles are the fifteen angels and the Servants going to stand in the Church. Are you ready? This is a personnel question. As you receive your light, look after it and make sure it shines because it is the Grace Christ is giving you.

The hour is now child of God, like the light you are holding, you are meant to shine this year to God’s People and represent Him. Remember, the LORD cannot send you to deliver His people, bless, heal, and speak for Him, unless He delivers you first [Isaiah 6:7]. As you say, “Here I am LORD,” His healing hand is coming low.

Remember, the previous year we buried many Servants, so the LORD has set new Servants. You are the light and many will come to you if the LORD lights you. Therefore, keep praying, nothing comes easy. When you examine scriptures, the LORD commanded His Prophet to fill the jar and go to Jesse’s house and anoint His chosen Servant.

When you read these scriptures, King David said: “The LORD has anointed my head with oil.” This was true he was anointed by the Prophet [1Samuel 16]. Even today, we are going to be anointed. When I say believe your prayer, I see confidence built up in you and fear for uncertainty is gone, this is the voice of God.

Remember, the WORD of God is a spirit and transforms for a better tomorrow. When King David was anointed, his anointing led him to kingship hence a leader for the sake of God. You too, will become a leader for the sake of God and lead many.

Isaiah 7:9 [NIV]: The head of Ephraim is Samaria, and the head of Samaria is only Remaliah’s son. If you do not stand firm in your faith, you will not stand at all. Man of faith, believe this prayer, otherwise if you do notstand firm in your faith, you will not stand at all. Also bear in mind that the faith of a believer, cannot not fail.

Thank you, may the LORD bless His Word upon you. Good morning once again Servant of God. This is what you are going to be this year 2022. May God be with you and I cover you this season in the blood of Jesus. A thousand may fall on your left and right but there is a way where seems no way.

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