Working according to God’s Grace.


Working according to God’s Grace.

Covered in a cloud of calmness, Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso took position at the pulpit and then welcomed the believers in the presence of God. His first remarks were; welcome your neighbour for we are all children of God and before God everything is a mystery.

He authenticated that, treat everyone with respect because today you may be the boss but tomorrow you will be an employee. Life is a mystery, meaning; everywhere you go, treat everyone with this revelation I have given.

Once again I welcome you to the Prayer Mountain where I always come to talk to my God. It is at this Prayer Mountain that the LORD told me that He will rescue His people. With this said, I want to share with you something small to help you build your relation with God and it is called, “Working according to God’s Grace. God’s Grace is God’s time.”

Look at Psalm 90:12: Teach us to number or days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom. When you look at this scripture; it is telling you that our God is powerful and before Him our sins lay, your days are numbered yet you have not yet repented. Look, Prophet David is saying, teach me O’ LORD to know the time I am left with, to put myself right with you. This he is doing, is wisdom.

As a Christian, you should be prepared for that day when you have to meet the LORD. However, if we do not, then it shall be late. This alone should push you to start working on your relationship with God.  For time is running so fast. Yet many of us are focused on things that will not save your souls.

Today, you are in battels just as your fore grandparents, and for the record they did not finish up these battels as well. This means you should work when day is here, for you will not be able to work during the night. Ecclesiastes 12 says enjoy life when you are young.

Time is coming when your eyes will not be able to see, your legs will not be able to walk, and your back will not be able to bend. This means you should work when the Grace is still available.

Our souls need God but we are focused more on earthly materials. Check out what the Bible says in Matthew 6:33: but seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. With this our Lord Christ Jesus meant that we should do what is most important. Then what is important? Is it money? No! We can leave without money ask our fore grandparents.

They leaved without money. This means that we too, can leave minus these worldly pleasures. What is more important is to care more for your neighbours.

Remember, God is not mocked, you reap what you sow; if you sow well you will reap better tomorrow. The cause of your tears is what you planted; because what you sow is what you reap. Whatever you are today is as a result of that decision you made. That relationship you are in today if given another chance, you would not make the same mistakes. You are what you are and what you see in the mirror.

I have heard some people say. I was born like this. Yes; your parents sowed that. Foe everything in Christ has time. There is a time to bless, make you happy, cry, prophesy, and pray for the sick. There is time for everything.

 It is only Grace that will guide you through according to the God’s Will. When grace disappears, things will become tough.  So do not send yourself, pray for to the Lord for His Grace that it can lead your way. That way life will be simple. Do not avenge, let God lead because no darkness will touch you [Daniel 3:25]. Christianity is a relationship not a religion.

Look at Nicodemus in John chapter 3; Christ told him to work upon being born again not to change his religion. Meaning, there is need to work upon your relationship with God too. So let us learn to work in God’s time and Grace, for Grace is a Cloud that moves.  The moment you fail to operate under it, you are automatically out of God’s time. Things will be hard for you to attain.

Look at the Israelites when the season was ready and the Grace available, they walked out of slavery and took on the Promised Land. So did the wise men in the Christmas story, in the right season and Grace, they were able to find the MESSIAH. Believer, you too need to operate in God’s time and season.

In summary of my message, you cannot work or know God’s time unless the Spirit of God leads you. The psalmist puts it clear that, LORD help me to number my days on earth to do what is right.

Prayer: God Holy Spirit, lead me to God’s time of healing. I need to be healed.

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