Woman – Bye, bye:


Woman – Bye, bye:

Beaming with smiles Ms. Nankya Joan of Salaama – Kampala testified for the wonderful and life changing God. She said that she came to True Vine Communion Ministries for all Nations in February 2019 with a burning issue, which is to go abroad for work.  Indeed as our Lord Christ Jesus says in Mark 7:27 “… for it is not right to take the children’s bread and toss it to their dogs.” The same came to pass the very instant Ms. Nankya entered True Vine Communion Ministries for all Nations, the Spirit of God through Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso unveiled the mystery behind her disappointing life. He revealed to Ms. Nankya that the devil had put her in bondage of unforgiveness and it is what had caged her prosperity and this is what Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso teaches that “Offence hinders progress.”

In full conscience, Ms. Nankya admitted that she was indeed a staunch victim of unforgiveness. She explained that amongst the many offenders she had at heart, the father of her children was on top of that list. She accused him of child neglect and this had caused her a lot of agony in all shapes and forms. Sad enough, this unforgiveness she harboured at heart was failing her to move on to the next chapter of my life. Unforgiveness pushed her to live in a confined zone whereby she worked so hard but gained so nothing. All the money she always worked hard to earn, was wasted one way or another.  She was in deep hatred which compelled her to alcoholism in pursuit of calming herself down.

Ms. Nankya said that as she listened to the message of the Prophet on 29th of February 2019, which he extracted from the gospel of Saint Matthew 6:12-14, she was delivered from the spirit of unforgiveness.  From that moment, things started workout in her favour, three months down the road, the Spirit of the LORD located her as well.

On 5th May 2019, in the midst of healing and deliverance, Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso proclaimed to Ms. Nankya amongst the overflow congregation that “WOMAN BYE BYE.” The Holy stamp of Heavens had stamped in Ms. Nankya’s travel documents that had for long been pending. It was this prophetic word that unlocked every door for Ms. Nankya’s journey to Dubai. She noted that the following week after this rapture – packed proclamation her visa, ticket and finances to fund it all miraculously surfaced. Ms. Nankya will be travelling abroad next week where she has a job waiting for her.

Ms. Nankya’s advice to the believers around the world: Please People forgive; you could be the reason as to why you are failing to move on to your next chapter. If you are this kind of person then forgiving genuinely is the solution you need.

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