By the Grace of God, Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso led the congregation of believers into prayer telling them to ask God to forgive their sins. From that prayer, he led the house into the message of the day titled, why do you fear?

Breaking down this question for the believers, the Prophet noted that the main reason as we have fear in our hearts is because our hearts are at sin. Remember the moment there is guilt in our hearts, there is no way, we shall have peace in our hearts.

The moment you are at sin, there is no way we can believe the way God wants us to believe. Citing John 14:1, he noted that this scripture literally means that if you let fear reside in your heart, you have chased Christ out.

Today, many Christians want breakthrough from Christ Jesus and they are not concerned about the state of the heart. How can you claim for breakthrough when your heart is at sin?  We as Christians before we ask for anything from God should know our righteous stand with God.

Bringing light to the message, the Prophet noted that when we are at sin, we should not run away from God, rather come closer to Him. God is willing to forgive if only we repent and He takes full dominion.

Summing up the message, the Prophet remaindered the congregation of what is written in Isaiah 43:1 says that He calls us by name, we should not fear. That means that even though you stumble and sin against Him, do not run away, He knows you by name. All you should do is acknowledge your sin and repent before Him.

Prayer: Blood of Jesus wash my heart and cleanse me from sin.        

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