Why are your wounds not healing?


Why are your wounds not healing?

In a Holy Spirit cloud, Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso took his position at the pulpit to lead the believers out of a spiritual infirmary. Dressed in white, as a true spiritual surgeon, the Prophet steered the congregants into the message of the day titled; “Why are your wounds not healing?”

With reference from Jeremiah 15:15-19: Why is my pain unending and why my wound grievous and incurable? Will you be to me like a deceptive brook, like a spring that fails? Therefore this is what the LORD says: “If you repent, I will restore you that you may serve me…” (NIV)

Bringing down this spirit- healing message, the Prophet disclosed that, we are called children of God by Spirit and heart not by our physical appearance. However, it is so alarming that many so called Christians today are so busy caring about their bodily appearance; while their hearts are rotting in sin.

It is a pity that we are covering our sins with make-up and fancy clothes. Your good appearance cannot cover your sins, God still sees you as a sinner.

He ascertained that, the reason why our wounds are not healing is because our hearts are not yet healed. Our hearts are filled up with sin. Sin blocks our spiritual ears to hear what God is saying alas, we end up doing what the majority is doing.

That is why you see many going to church because of band wagon effect.  Mark you, going to Church or carrying the Bible does not make you a Christian. Rather to those born of the Spirit, your heart and the outcome of your faith are more essential.

Today, Christians are so disrespectful before God. We have become impatient with God. We have become greedier for physical things; anxiously asking for more and more and impatiently chasing for what glitters.

Rushing yields nothing, but only gets us into more trouble. You are going to make mistakes if you rush; not to mention, you will end up in pure bondage. Remember what the Bible says that, patience is a gift of the Holy Spirit and happy are those who wait and are patient on the LORD.

On this footing, the Prophet cautioned; no man under the sun can spiritually treat and heal a man’s heart from envy, bitterness or resentment. Doctors only heal the body but not the heart; if your heart is not healed, then you are not truly healed.

If only we can be healed from our hearts, then we will be healed indeed. Unless we repent and be true to God; that is when true healing will come.  

Summing up this heart- remedying message, Prophet Abraham Richard re-echoed saying; the LORD is talking about His servant telling him to repent and then He will make him his spokes man.

He authenticated that, it is only Christ Jesus that can set our hearts free and whoever has a free heart, sees the truth. Remember, truth can never hide; it is just a test of time. Above all, God wants your heart. So repent for the salvation of your heart.

Epilogue: Believer, the reason why your wounds are not healing is because your heart is still wounded. So surrender to Christ Jesus today, and let Him heal your heart first, then your wounds will be forever healed.

Prayer: Holy Spirit, have mercy upon me wherever I have sinned; and free my heart.

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