Who Am I, a poor widow to own a car?


Who Am I, a poor widow to own a car?

After losing her husband, Ms. Akuno Bude of Kajjansi – Wakiso never expected her life to be any better. However, that was her own thinking, not God’s verdict.

Isaiah 40:31 says: but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagle. So was it with Ms. Akuno for the Lord’s might Hand lifted her up, and today she testifies for the big God of Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso.

Ms. Akuno narrated that she lost her husband seven years ago, and she was left with children she was supposed to care and cater for arguably with no clear source of income.

Life became unbearable as survival became a gamble. However, that was only a process because God was molding up something.

 In 2013 Ms. Akuno joined True Vine Communion Ministries for all Nations and during one of her encounters with the Prophet of God Abraham Richard Bisaso.

He proclaimed, “Worry not woman, your children will take care of you.” “By then I wondered how they would take care of me when they were still young themselves,” exclaimed Ms. Akuno. But God is no human being to lie; His Word is always true and perfect.

Three years down the challenging road to Calvary, this proclaimed word from the Prophet gained flesh. First, it was her eldest son, who facilitated her trip to London in 2016, something Ms. Akuno had not dreamed or even fantasized about.

Then came her own big, self contained house in 2017, a house that her late husband never even built in his lifetime.

Ms. Akuno asserted this was just a beginning; God was still speaking loud and clear. Here she recounted a one TVC partners meeting in 2016; where the Prophet revealed “I see a car.” “When the Prophet revealed this, I never knew he was prophesying to me,” awed Ms. Akuno.

In fact to perfect His word, God used the same child who took her to London to buy her a car (truck). Who am I, me a widow to have a car! Exclaimed, a teary Ms. Akuno.

 As John 8:17 says that “… the testimony of two men is valid.” Standing next to her grateful mother was Mr. Owor Oboth, Ms. Akuno’s other son. He said according to him, this blessing of a car, brought along, employment, supply and trust in God like never before.

He explained that for long he had to strive as a builder but all in vain. He added that one time he wanted to fore go building and join the army, but when he came to True Vine Communion Ministries For All Nations, the Spirit of God located him and revealed to him through His Prophet that, “Do not go to the army, go for driving school.”

 He ascertained that truly, he listened to this divine voice and hence began learning to drive. By the grace of God, he managed to get a driving permit.  So, when his mother received a business track, he was in position and with experience to drive it. So she employed him. Now he has a well earning job.

Glory be to our God, for He makes springs run in dry land. Hallelujah!

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