“When you see Judith Babirye get married get to know…”


“When you see Judith Babirye get married get to know…”

Like Prophet Jeremiah says in chapter 20:9 that “But His word was inside me like a burning fire shut up in my bones.” So were the words of revelations about the Ugandan gospel diva and pastor Judith Babirye in the bones of Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso. First it was in 2013 when the Prophet first revealed that “Judith Babirye will join politics with a claim of reaching out to her own people and eventually marry a fellow politician.”

No doubt, prophecy is a spiritual language only understood by those in Spirit. When Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso revealed this many hardly believed it because by then Judith Babirye was just recovering from a separation with her first husband and long time mate Samuel Niwo, who she married in March 2005 and who is also the father to her eldest daughter. That aside, she was so soaked in her music career for one to even imagine her pursuing any other profession or office other than singing worship songs.

True and perfect was the revelation for in 2015, reliable media sources brought forth news of how celebrated gospel artist Judith Babirye was set to contest as woman Member of Parliament for the then newly established district of Buikwe-Central eastern Uganda in the upcoming 2016 nationwide elections. Insiders say that it was Njeru’s trading centre LC3  chairperson Flight Captain Paul Ssebulime Musoke a good friend of Judith Babirye who talked her into running for this seat and it was him who helped her  manage her campaigns in 2016.

Judith Babirye did contest as woman member of Parliament of Buikwe District and won as the Prophet had proclaimed that “she will join politics.”One year later the newly elected Buikwe woman MP Hounarable Judith Babirye filled up for divorce from her husband Samuel Niwo. The court gave them a period of close to six months (interim decree) to reconcile but in vain. 27th June 2018 as the public and Judith’s fans were still wondering what was going on in her love life. Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso came back reechoing the same message he once said in 2013 that “Remember what I said way back in 2013 that when you happen to see Judith Babirye join politics she will end up marrying a fellow politician. What is happening now? And remember what I said will happen after… A Prophet is not seen on the body but by his word coming to pass”

So it came to pass after five years since the revelation was out, on the 28TH July 2018 Hounarable Judith Babirye secretly married her fellow MP Captain Paul Ssebulime Musoke of Buikwe North in a private ceremony in Ggaba- Kampala.

Note: We at True Vine Communion Ministries for all Nations and the Prophet of God Abraham Richard Bisaso are not judging or condemning any of these happenings but we proclaim God’s Will as revealed to us (John13:19) because this is our God given office thus, Prophecy is our foundation.

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