What Jesus wants me to do-part 2:


What Jesus wants me to do-part 2:

Proof text: Matthew 5: 43-48 [NIV] – By Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso.

Recollecting from the previous message, as inspired by the Holy Spirit, Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso reminded again the children of God of the three persons that Christians must take care of; our fellow Christian brothers, neighbours and those who persecute us. 

He revealed that if, we systematically put this message in practise, we will be added on to for the doer is greater than the hearer.

He authenticated that Love and forgiveness is the Kingdom of God. Infact this COVID 19 lockdown season; has given us a great opportunity to preach the gospel of love in capital letters. Remember, love is not only about giving food stuffs but everything good you have!

For generations, Christians strive to be perfect before God. We do everything [charity, fasting, praying, etc.] but ultimately all we are looking for is to be perfect before God. Today, by the Grace of God, I want to answer the Question-What can I do to be perfect before God?

The reason why we fight for this, is because we want to be like our master Christ Jesus who was perfect before His Heavenly Father. Loving even our so-called enemies, makes us perfect before the Father; love makes us perfect!

Loving Christ Jesus and yearning to be like Him will automatically lead you to this revelation that, man of flesh and blood is not a Christian’s enemy but satan. The more you keep pointing fingers at men of being your enemies, fighting you, failing your plans, etc, it is a clear sign that you are fighting a very wrong battle you can never win. 

This is equivalent to man fighting air that it is your enemy. The Bible tells us in that book of Ephesians 6:12 that, our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the spiritual dark forces in the Heavenly realm.

Honestly, it is very hard to find the so-called Christian today blessing his enemy. Many term it as total insanity. It is easy to love our fellow Christians and neighbours but not our persecutors.

I advise every Christian to emulate Christ on the cross, ‘Father, forgive them for they do not just know what they are doing.’ This is true love that made Jesus perfect before the Father. If you want to be perfect like Christ Jesus, grow in love [Matthew 5:45-46].

Learn by heart today, that love has no strings attached. What leads us to Heaven is not the proper following of the law, but total obedience to the Word of the Holy Spirit. Love is the most excellent way.

Even if you are the best worshipper, prayer warrior, etc, you need to have love (1Corinthians 13:1-13).

Prayer: I bless you my so called enemies.

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