What is your vision?


What is your vision?

By Seer Abraham Richard Bisaso via zoom.

Let us take a reading from the Holy Word of God, Amos 3:3: Do two walk together unless they have agreed to do so?

I assure you Child of God, where there is no vision from God; you will perish [Hosea 4:6]. But the most important question is; whose vision should you follow? A Christian is supposed to follow Christ Jesus’ vision.

In whatever you are perusing in your family, calling, ministry, marriage, business etc. At all times, you must seek His vision so that you are in one accord with Him. Before you do anything always ask yourself, what is Christ’s expectation from me?

The world [nations, families, businesses & ministries] today, is at logger heads because of conflict in vision- believe me or not! When individuals having different visions come together to do anything, they will eventually end up in conflict.

You have seen this everywhere around you; businesses starting up with fire and end up in ashes. Why? Because, in the beginning you both seem to have the same Vision yet you only had the same situation.

You can all be lacking or jobless, in this is situation, and you rise up to open up a pharmaceutical company yet, one of you has never dreamt of being in this field. With time conflict will arise because, it was not the power of vision that united you but rather situation.

However, when men with one vision join together, nothing can stop them to achieve their goal. Any challenge that comes before them will only serve to strengthen them. Note this! There is power in unite if only you carry the same vision.  

It is rare [a miracle] to find someone with the same vision as yours, when you do, understand that it is God’s Grace for you to come together and His glory will be revealed when the vision is accomplished. As a minister, business man, family or states man, what vision has the LORD given you that you are running after?

You following Christ’s vision does not mean bed of roses! You will meet a lot of challenges from even your own People. Consider the experience of our brother in the Lord- Joseph [Genesis 37]; he was persecuted and hated simply because of the vision the Lord had given to him. 

Even Christ, many contradicted with His decisions when He was following His Father’s Will.  So I expect you too, if running after God’s given vision, to be in conflict with many. Many being at the opposing side does not make you wrong rather it creates an opportunity for you to persist that you may win them when your vision is achieved.

The good news is that, when you are moving in Christ’s vision, amidst challenges, He will send someone to bring light to the vision [Matthew 1:18-21].

In addition to that; you will not be ashamed as you walk in His vision, He will strengthen you every day until it is achieved. A man with a great vision is willing to let go of anything in pursuit of the vision.

  • On the other hand, when you walk out of the vision that Christ has revealed to you, the following will happen:
  • Everyone who has been against you will suddenly become your friend. Most of thing that you have been struggling to have, will break out. But you will have a void within you that nobody can fill. Even when everything looks well on the outside, the inner man who is the most important will not be okay.

 As a believer, take note of these two important points:

  1.  If your vision fails as a result of your challenging situation, then you did not believe it.
  2. Any man can receive a vision but what makes a man great is working and achieving it.
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