Who can know the ways of God? Surely nobody and Mr. Wagumba Moses testifies to that. He testifies that when he accompanied his brother and mother to the Prayer Mountain, he did not have the slightest clue that his day for breakthrough had come.

As Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso teaches that, if it is your set day of deliverance; nothing can stop the Spirit of God from reaching you. So was the case of Mr. Moses while at the Prayer Mountain. He had no intention of praying, but, his mother encouraged him and reluctantly he came.

Whilst at the Prayer Line, he was utterly shocked when the Spirit of God located him and began to reveal mysteries about his life. Firstly, the Prophet revealed that, “You have a lot of problems in your life,” to which Mr. Moses confirmed to be perfectly true.

He was undergoing immerse pain in his back and foot. As if that was not enough, he also had kidney problems. Under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, Prophet Abraham Richard prayed for him and his story changed. That very moment he was able to move his foot freely and the pain in the back ceased.

While testifying, Mr. Wagumba noted, “I had tried everything medically possible with my leg, back and kidneys but nothing was working, I was resigned to a life of pain killers. I even went to the witchdoctor, but, still there was no solution to the constant pain I felt. It was only after the Prophet prayed for me that I was healed of this pain, it is now two years and I am totally free from this pain.”

From his health life, the Spirit of God was not yet finished with him, it was Mr. Wagumba’s day after all! Everything that was bothering this gentleman was to be meticulously and impeccably touched on by the Spirit of God.

Prophet Abraham Richard revealed a secret issue that was bothering him. “I am seeing land wrangles. I have seen a document that was lost, but it will be seen again. When it is found, I am seeing sharing that will be fair based on the document. It will be found again, the Sprit that has revealed that it was lost is the Same one telling you, it will be found.” the Prophet revealed.

“How can this man know this when I have never told anyone, Mr. Moses wondered to himself.” However, the cat was already out of the bag and it was not going back. It was then that this gentleman opened up to his mother and told her that the document was lost.

Hebrews 4:13 [NIV]:  Nothing in all creation is hidden from God’s sight. Everything is uncovered and laid bare before the eyes of him to whom, we must give account.

For Mr. Wagumba, it was a clear sign that he was in the presence of God, because even his well-kept secret had been revealed. However, not only was it revealed, the Spirit of God let be known to him that; it will be found and everything will be straightened out fairly. The document that he had lost was very valuable to him because it was the Will his father had written in which he had left him a piece of land.

At the time the revelation was released, there were a lot of land wrangles going on within the family and Mr. Moses was told that there was no way he would inherit anything. Witnessing all this, he had looked for the Will [document] severally in his house that confirmed that he had some inheritance and it was nowhere.

In despair, he told no one and left the matter hoping that it would fade away, that was until he came in the presence of God. Indeed we are all under the eye of the Almighty God, He knows what we need more than we can even fathom.

Exactly ninety days after this revelation, while Mr. Moses was going through his children’s certificates, in infinite Mercy and Grace, he came upon the Will [document].

He says, “I was not even looking for it, but, somehow while I was going through the certificates of my Children, I saw the Will [document] from my father. I was exceedingly happy and honestly my faith was renewed. It was confirmation that yes, satan is there, but God has supreme power and authority over everything.”

When Jesus says it is time, nobody can say no, and He had said it is time for transformation in the life of Mr. Moses Wagumba.

The Spirit of God through Prophet Abraham Richard also revealed to Mr. Wagumba that his financial life was crippled, indeed it was very true as confirmed by the gentleman. He said that they had a retail shop where he had invested a lot of money, but he was getting no profit from it.

However from the time, this was revealed to him, Mr. Moses has seen tremendous change in the retail shop and financial life generally.

Mr. Moses testifies that right now everything that the Spirit of God talked about through the lips of his Prophet is back to order, his health is good, his finances are faring on well, last but not least, as the Prophet revealed that, “…When it is found, I am seeing sharing that will be fair based on the document…”

So it was, when Mr. Moses found the Will [document], the land was shared amongst the family fairly. There is peace in the family now!

Standing beside him was his mother who was undeniably in visible shock as she heard her son testify: Mrs. Joanita Ssabavuma says: Honestly speaking, I just want to thank the LORD, because everything that was revealed has come to pass.

I did not know that my son had lost the Will until the Prophet revealed it and I still thank God that it was found. This is truly the document that was written, it is the original copy and I confirm to that. All I can do is glorify the name of the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY who uses His Prophet to change lives.

As Prophet Isaiah tells us in Isaiah 55:1 that [NIV]: ‘Come, all you who are thirsty, come to the waters; and you who have no money, come, buy wine and milk without money and without cost. 

You too child of God, whatever the LORD said about you must come to pass! Keep in faith. Glory and honour goes back to El Elyon – God Most High.

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