What are you using to build your altar?


What are you using to build your altar?

Under the instruction of his father in the LORD, Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso, Minister Henry Tendo Kaaya took his position at the pulpit. By the grace of our Lord Christ Jesus, he led the believers into the message of the day titled, “What are you using to build your altar?”On this he referred to our fore father Abraham in the book of Genesis 22:1-19: When they reached the place God had told him about, Abraham built an altar there and arranged the wood on it. He bound his son Isaac and laid him on the altar, top of the wood. (NIV)

Recollecting from the previous Sunday message, Dedication of the Children by Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso. Minister Henry Tendo Kaaya broke down this message for every Christian to get a piece. He said that whatever Abraham did while dedicating (sacrificing) his son Isaac to God, should be a classroom enough to teach us believers what we ought to put on the LORD’s altar.

He said that Abraham gave his son to the Lord without grumbling or complaining and in faith. That is why the LORD accepted his offering. The fact that Abraham had agreed in his heart to sacrifice his son was enough prove his love and trust the LORD. That is why He provided him with a lamb to sacrifice instead, for he had made a perfect prayer. That is why Abraham is called the father of faith because he built his altar in faith.

The minister expounded that the altars are our hearts. So as believers, our question should be, what am I putting on my altar? Before you complain to God for not answering your prayers, what is that in your heart (altar) that disgusts the Lord your creator? Is it doubt, grumbling, deceit, malice, ambition, offence or self praise.  Remember, God picks our prayers from our hearts. So, if your heart is full of the above get to know your altar is dirty and possibly very far from God to attract His attention in order to receive or attend to anything concerning you.

Minister Henry Tendo Kaaya cautioned the believers that before offering anything on the altar of the LORD, first check the condition of your heart. See to it that it is filled up with faith, humbleness, obedience, fear and love for God. This is what will move God to come down and receive your prayer.

In nutshell the minister noted that if you build you altar like our fore father Abraham. God will supply to you with the same way He supplied to Abraham with a lamb. Meaning if your altar is built to God’s expectation and anticipation, your ministry, finances, career and family will all be relocated to a new scared mountain called “The LORD will provide,” which Abraham’s descendants testify about to date.

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