Being a born Servant and ever willing to deliver as instructed by the LORD, Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso took his spiritual stand at the pulpit and delivered this Spirit awakening message to the children of God.  

He noted; “Today we shall look at our way of life and how God perceives our situations. Many of us are challenged in different ways; financially, spiritually in your marital life, health etc. However, there is one thing in particular that happens to each and every one of us; and it is our point of focus today.


Believers, I pray you get this message right as we share in the name of Christ Jesus. You will come to agree with me that every man has a weakness and many times we have gone wrong with our judgments towards others.

So, join me and let us meditate in the Word of God and see what the Spirit of God is telling us about this issue.

Every one of us has been blessed by God, but we lose our blessings because of our weaknesses which are an open door for the devil to check us. 2Corinthians 12:10 [NIV]: That is why, for Christ’s sake, I delight in weaknesses, insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong.

With this scripture, the Apostle puts it clear that he delights in his weakness so that the Grace and Power of God can be seen. Each one of us has a weakness which pulls us down and tortures us; yet we are Christians. That you are going through, and claim to have prayed about but is not leaving your life, is the kind of weakness Apostle Paul is talking about.

However, I want to bring to your notice that the devil knows nothing concerning your future; all he knows is your past. In fact, if given a chance to say something about you, he can never say you are blessed or tell you that you will prosper.

Do you have a thorn in your flesh/ weakness in your life? What is God saying about it? If it is not from your enemy –satan according to the Word of God, then it is meant to push you closer to God.

Apostle Paul’s thorn was planted by God to keep him humble due to the revelations he received and the love he had for God. And I believe the same is happening to you today.

Those loved by God have a great mission on Earth for Christ, and are humbled greatly. Imagine if you had no weakness, where would you be according to the blessings, revelations and God’s Grace upon your life? 

The LORD calls some of you His queens, kings, billionaires, His servants, Prophets etc and wants to humble Nations through you. However, if you go boosting with what you have, you will stumble many.

Show me a great man with great anointing and I will show you his humility. God humbles us, so that his Grace upon us can be seen by many. He is using the weakness you possess for the world to acknowledge His Grace. Otherwise, people will think that the success you have, is according to your ability, hard work, connections etc.

You are paying attention to His Word, because something is weighing you down. When things were flourishing, you never valued God. Today, you are attacked with affliction, and need God. Meaning, the more our weaknesses surface, the more they push us closer to God.

At one point in time, someone asked me about how they would differentiate a thorn/weakness from God and satan in their life. And in my response, I told him that he would not differentiate the two with human eyes.

However, I cautioned him to take note on whatever happens; if the weakness was pushing him to fast and pray then it was from God and if it pushed him away from God it was from satan.

So, believers, if your weakness pulls you away from God, then pray against it. If Apostle Paul did not pray to God about his weakness, we would not have known that it was his partner. However, the bible says, he continuously prayed against it and cried to God to take it away.

And every time he prayed, God repeatedly spoke to him saying, ‘I give you My Grace’. This encouraged Apostle Paul to move on in the power of the Holy Spirit doing extra ordinary things. This is a clear sign that no one can breakthrough without the Grace of God [prayer]; embrace your partner -weakness.

When you examine the entire bible, there was no man without a weakness. Look at Job, Moses, Abraham, David, Solomon, Samson, Ruth, Naomi, Haggai, Micah, Habakkuk, Peter, Paul, John, Micah or Jesus.

We see Him disturbed in Matthew 26 while in the garden praying to His Father to take away his cup of weakness, and the Father did not remove it but told him to be humble to His Will. Meaning, without weaknesses, we shall compete with God.

The only solution is praying occasionally and not giving up. Then God’s Grace will surface as fear and anxiety disappears. That way you will have overcome your weakness for a moment.

Prayer: LORD, I have a weakness disturbing me, deliver me.

When we read Zechariah 3, satan claimed Joshua the high priest saying he belonged to him basing on the scars from his past, but because he had dedicated his life to God, the Angel of the LORD commanded him not to claim his life.

This is what we all need -God defending us when the devil points fingers. For the ministry of Christ is about humility; and Grace being the replacement of sin. Shalom!”

Future scripture reference: Romans 8:35.

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  1. Thanks for the spirit lifting revelation message!
    May the Lord give more grace to understand His Will in everything we do.

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