Hallelujah, thank you Jesus it is a new day, the Prophet started:

Believers, good morning and I greet you all wherever you are in the name of Christ Jesus. I want to thank God for the time he has blessed us with and every sacrifice you have done for Him. You will not escape the Will of God and his purpose today in the name of Christ Jesus.

I am sent by the Spirit of God to speak to you because you cannot receive from the LORD unless His Spirit helps you. In the beginning, you did not know how to reach God but by the help of the Holy Spirit, he positioned HIS Servants to reach out to you hence drawing closer to HIM.

Join me as we take our meditation from the book of Psalm 90:1-12 but our point of focus is at Verse 12 and our Theme is: Walking in the Spirit.

1 Lord you have been our dwelling place throughout all generations. 3 you turn people back to dust, saying, ‘Return to dust, you mortals.’ 5 Yet you sweep people away in the sleep of death they are like the new grass of morning.

Believers when we examine these verses, our brothers in faith got a revelation that one’s faith is like this scripture where you go to sleep, and in the morning you are no more and forgotten. Meaning it is important to note that life is a mystery and tomorrow is a mystery that is why I usually say you do not know about your tomorrow, all you have is now.

Behave like a Servant of God because we live for today. When you postpone assignments, you are behaving like men of the world yet you are a man of faith. Today is all you have to do what is right.

When we examine the Word of God, our forefathers like Abraham served God like as if each day was their last. For when the Lord asked him to carry his only son as a sacrifice, he did not plan for the future but did as instructed by the LORD; which made him a man of faith after passing the test.

Imagine if Abraham had not done what he was instructed to do, what would God have done to him? Today’s Christians plan for tomorrow and forget about today yet what makes tomorrow is the obedience we display today when told to do things.

Remember before God we are like flowers; we flourish today and tomorrow we are gone. I want to bring to memory Verse 12, it is reminding us of how short and numbered our days are. Trust me, you will not exceed the time God planned for you and I am here today to remind you about this message.

May the LORD help us to know the times and seasons of doing things. Time to laugh, cry, party, mourn etal. Many times, we have done the opposite and sinned against God because we lack His Spirit. Let it be a mandate for you every morning to tell God that your days are numbered, because when you think about it, it will discipline you.

There is one thing for sure that causes us to misbehave before God and it is because we think we have much time on earth yet every day brings us closer to His glory, end or beginning. This alone is supposed to humble us. Quick question; How soon are you to your end time? There is need to be extra careful so you are not caught unaware when that time comes.

I pray by the Spirit of God, that the LORD Jesus with His Holy Spirit may help you know that your destiny is coming close in Jesus’ mighty name, so that when that time comes, you are safe.

Come with me to the book of Galatians 5:16:17: 16So I say, live by the Spirit, and you will not gratify the desires of the flesh. 17For the flesh desires what is contrary to the spirit…

Believers, there is need for you to walk in Spirit to overcome the bodily demands. What is the solution to this [stealing, complaining annoying God, killing, immorality etal]?

The solution is to walk in Spirit because He – [the Holy Spirit] will suggest everything for you and this will humble you because He is our helper. So the moment you ask him to guide you, that alone has disciplined you. I pray you understand my revelation because you do not have many days and time to waste here on Earth.

When sound asleep in the night, we do not know what is going on and when we wake up, we make many mistakes by our decisions. But those of spirit when they wake up, their first confession is, “Holy Spirit guide me for my days are numbered.”

Walk with the Spirit of God because any moment without Him, you will be in the flesh and do fleshly things. What was written in the book of Galatians 5:19 is happening in our lives today but when the spirit of God avails Himself, you will lose the desire of the body. Meaning, we always need the Spirit of God to guide us.

How can a believer walk in this dark world alone without the spirit of God? Believe me, we do not know how to please God and cannot escape the fleshly desires without the help of Jesus. Meaning we need Him. May the LORD bless His Word upon you.

And wherever you are, I am praying for you as I pray for myself that may your heart yearn for the Spirit of God to guide you. This world is not our home, we are doing our assignments then return home where we shall receive our rewards. Lastly remember, when we choose to walk in the Spirit, the world will hate us.

Prayer: LORD guide my life in Jesus’ name.

Future scripture references: 2 Corinthians 3:7-18 Galatians 15:8

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