“Understanding the season.”


“Understanding the season.”

Orchestrated in exceeding Grace and under the instruction of her father in the Lord Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso, Minister Nabirumbi Prossy took position at the pulpit and led the believers into the message of the day titled, “Understanding the season.” She began off by reminding the believers what the Prophet revealed at the end of 2018 that; Christ is looking for a quality Christian and at the same time the next season is not for a Christian to fear. What could this mean to you? Did you understand this message? The minister questioned the congregants.

Breaking it down to a layman’s understanding, the Minister referenced to the book of 1Corinthians 3:13; “his work will be shown for what it is, because the Day will bring it to light. It will be revealed with fire, and the fire will test the quality of each man’s work.” As Christians, the work referred to the scripture ought to be deeds of faith and love. This is a season for a Christian to display more faith and love. The gospel we are spreading is love and God is looking for a man of deep love in this season to represent Him; the minister emphasized. By doing so, our faith will not be forced but will move from one level to another with the help of the Holy Spirit. She explained that it is only the Holy Spirit who will help us through. And where there is no love the Holy Spirit cannot stay. Remember, love without deeds is dead. So if we are to triumph this season, we need to show unconditional love. Upon this she cited an example of Zacchaeus in Luke: 19, who was shown mercy and empathy because of the love he displayed before Christ, his deeds of love and his willingness to display made him attain salvation. Love is the only way to salvation. Meaning the same way Christ walked with the weak, sick and rejected, we too should walk in the same footsteps if we are to become quality Christians.

Summing up the message, Minister Prossy reminded the believers more of the revelation the Prophet proclaimed concerning this season.  “This is a season of double trails, persecution and testing” but always remember what he said that, “no matter how hard the situation gets, it will not kill you.”Time has come for double testing but the Grace is the only way out. Remember, Grace comes to those with faith and love in Christ. And as a take home note, she encouraged the believers to show more love this season than they did the previous seasons.

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