Understanding the nature of God:


Understanding the nature of God:

Minister Mugide Philo, Minister Nakirijja Sharon and Minister Nabirumbi Prossy took position at the pulpit, to deliver the unique message of the day under the instruction of their father in the Lord, Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso.

Minister Philo with reference from the book of Job 7:17-21 unveiled the message of the day titled, “Understanding the nature of God.” She said that, we as Christians always have a reason as to why we read the Bible.

However, we must examine ourselves and know exactly why we are reading the Bible.

Some People read it only according to the situation they are in not as guided by the Holy Spirit. When you do this, you are reading the Holy Book in false faith. We must read the Bible keenly and intently so that we can know and understand the nature of God, for everything has a beginning and an end.

Take an example of Job; he questioned God why everything bad was happening to him because he had done everything but still no solution. Job’s situation; pushed him to seek God more.

You too, ask yourself, does your situation push you to seek God in His true nature? Do you have time to sit down and understand God? Remember, everything has a beginning and an end; meaning every promise you read about in the Bible has a beginning and end.

However, Christians of this generation, we choose to focus more on the events than the character of the God we want to worship. It is paramount to seek to understand the reason as to why the events are happening; there you will understand the nature of God.

Therefore, in whatever situation you go through, it must push you to seek God like Job did. The minister noted that, we should always seek God’s character in His Word not promises.  

Picking a leaf from Minister Philo, Minister Sharon emphasised that, Christians must read the Bible to understand it, not to seek for promises that will encourage them even when they are out of faith. When we read the Bible, we should emulate these men to understand the nature of God.

Citing the example of Saul and his servant, the minister said that, it is of great value to always bring an offering when you go before any Servant of God or believer.

Your faith will fail because of lack of works of love. She further noted that, before we go to seek God complaining about the issues we are going through, we must check our love walk with Him first and how we read the Bible.

Minister Prossy, breaking down this message said that, whatever we receive from the LORD, if it is not accompanied by faith in actions, it will die in your hands.

It is the nature of God for us to understand Him according to our level of faith. However, we shall never know His nature unless we act on what He says.

If our master Christ Jesus, offered Himself as a sacrifice to seal up the prayer that He was making for His disciples, what about you his follower? Even Job, every time, he offered sacrifices before the LORD, that He may forgive the sins of his Children.

Let us emulate these great men, always seal up your prayers with an action of faith; minister Prossy asserted. Summing up this wonderful message, she said that, in the Spiritual realm, nothing is for free.

Further study: Job 42:1-2, 40:1-2, 7:17-21, 1:5, John 21:15, 17:13-14, 1Samuel 9:1-8

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