It is not wise for you to laugh while your neighbour is starving with hunger, sickness, poverty or war, because you want it or not, it is coming to you next. What we are watching going on, in Ukraine, it’s directly affecting each one of us.

Our Countries are not safe at all.It is wise to be concerned! But the more we see what is happening in these countries that are under War, and we don’t show godly concern, we have painted our tomorrow.

The Word of God puts it right that, man reaps what he sows [Galatians 6:7-8]. As men who love the LORD, we should do whatever it takes to see that the situation stabilizes and peace rests by involving in God.

Without that, what you do not want to hear and see, is coming to happen and so, your comfortable zones shall be destabilized and you shall be forced to run out. [Take this to be a prophecy].

The Servant of God Mordecai advised Queen Esther that, the LORD put her in that position for a time like this [Esther 3:14] -fighting and seeking God’s face for the innocent children of God that they are not destroyed by the devil through Herman.

So you too, be dressed ready and seek the LORD while He is still near [Isaiah 55:6].Prayer: LORD, have mercy on us!Like and Share.

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