Transformation story of Luwombo Community:


Transformation story of Luwombo Community:

Rejected, barbaric, excommunicated and cursed were some of the names given to the Luwombo region long before the light shown onto it. Its reputation was infamously affiliated to witchcraft, necromancy and cannibalism.

With every dawn Luwombo (Bunkuja Region) drifted away in abandonment and desolation. Then came lightening that struck Luwombo Church of Uganda Primary School; killing a lump sum of pupils.

This trauma coupled with old age, not to mention negligence caused the learning vessel to sink down the sea of doom. This way, Luwombo became a nightmare; as everyone was now afraid to visit this region.

Suddenly and mercifully in a kraal of Love, a candle was lit.  It was a candle of hope, peace and redemption. As the gospel of John 1:5(NIV): The light shines into darkness, and darkness must not overcome it.

It came to pass that God sent his Servant, Abraham Richard Bisaso to redeem and re-write the history of Luwombo- Buikwe District.

Since he set his foot on this ground, the once rejected area is now rising at a high rate. Luwombo Primary School that barely had pupils before the Prophet stepped there, is now having over 240 pupils in it and they are performing well compared to before.

On top of that, it also has new blocks- buildings that were constructed by World vision after receiving a Prophetic Word of God from the Servant of God on 11th August 2017 saying, “Luwombo you have been so much rejected, but the God who has sent me is going to transform you.” The region has more Schools being built and even a Secondary School which was never in their plans as a community.

It is now a live and vibrate village with different organisations and investors starting up projects there. Who could have done this if it was not God? For a place that was renowned for witchcraft and cannibalism at 100%, the devil has lost his grip on this region in the name of Jesus Christ.

The lives of the People are changing day by day for the better; confirming what is written in Isaiah 55:11(NIV) that, the Lord’s word can never return to Him without fulfilling the purpose it was sent to do.    

This is what the Honourable Member of Parliament of Buikwe County South (Area MP) Mr. Mutebi David had this to say during the 2018, let’s come back to God conference, “When I had about this conference, I left everything that I was doing and said that I must come and attend to God first. This region has been under God’s curse and I have pleaded to the Lord to transform this society and I can see fruits already. The coming of Prophet Abraham is an answer from God for what we prayed for five (5) years ago.”

 Nalongo Nakanyike Ruth of 60+ years, a former Old girl of Luwombo Primary School in the 1960’s could not contain her joy upon her former School she said, “ I thank the Lord for this day, what I have witnessed today is an answered prayer for me. One time, I made a prayer when I was at Kasubi Subcounty at the elders meeting saying, ‘Why isn’t Luwombo developing? O’ Lord, please consider Luwombo and give us a blessing.’ When I had that visitors had come here, I came rushing and on reaching I was overwhelmed with joy and proclaimed, ‘Luwombo has been rescued finally.’ I tell you no one knew us concerning academics, health and religion. I thank God for today because it has affirmed to me that God still lives and has full authority. I cannot fathom that the church is going to get cemented and we shall stop praying from a dusty floor. Today is surely a good day; as if this surprise is not enough I have also received a love gift of clothes. I thank the Lord for the love visit today; even my grandchildren have received love gifts. God, you are good!”

As the Prophet revealed under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, “The LORD is going to transform this place (September 2017).” It is without doubt that Luwombo is enjoying the fruits of this Word and they have not taken it for granted as well.

Like the one leaper who returned to Christ Jesus to thank Him for healing him (Luke 17:15). So did the community leaders in Luwombo region. Having noted all these developments and transformations, they too, have Praised God who heard their pleas for a saviour and sent them His servant Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso.

They are presenting a token of appreciation for the charity works and the transformation of their community through him.

The Moslem, Anglican, Luwombo Primary School representative and the Luwombo community leaders in one accord, appreciated God for sending His Servant to their region.

For his coming is a blessing to them and a sign that God has remembered them. Remember, it is only God who can join all walks of faith join in harmony.

Prayer: More transformation and light of Christ Jesus to cover the entire region of Buikwe in the name of Christ Jesus. Let us all agree in faith and Amen.

From the left in the picture: Mr. Sserunkuma Fredrick- (Headmaster Luwombo Church of Uganda Primary School).  Mr. Lwanga Edward (Coordinator Luwombo Church of Uganda). Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso. Ssalongo Wadewa Mohammed (chairman Muslim Council Buikwe district). Mr. Ngabo Deo (Vice Chair man LC1 and LC2 Luwombo).

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