They tried to compress my body with hot water:


They tried to compress my body with hot water:

Ms. Naluyiima Hadijah of Bweyogerere- Kampala testified for the God of Abraham Richard Bisaso, who turned her agony into smiles. She narrates that, she had a normal delivery to a beautiful baby girl. However, a week later she began experiencing labour pains again.

When the labour pains came again, her attendees used the hot water compression method but that was of no help to her. Ms. Naluyiima said that, she was then taken to Kawempe hospital and the doctors who took her to the scan assured her that she was well. However, to Ms. Naluyiima it was a different tale, for she was feeling excruciating pain.

Dissatisfied with what the doctors told her; she decided to go back to the clinic where she had her antenatal care from. Here, she hoped to get a second opinion or perhaps treatment. At this point, she said that she started projecting her funeral arrangements in her mind.

 As satan was grinning in the dark shadows as Ms. Naluyiima was giving up on her life, God was putting on His healing gloves so as to handle this matter. It was then that Ms. Naluyiima heard another voice reminding her of what the Prophet of God had taught and said, “Whatever you are going through, God is watching and He has not left you!”

This message helped her to gain confidence and hope; thereafter, she rang the number of the Ministry help line. In deep agony, she described the terrible state she was in and pleaded to the LORD to intervene in her issue.

Faithful and merciful is the Almighty God for through His Prophet, Abraham Richard, He sent a Word of healing to her saying, “I am praying for you in the name of Jesus Christ. Be touched by the Holy Spirit and healed. In the name of Jesus Christ!”

 As the Psalmist says in Psalm 107: 20: He sent forth his word and healed them; he rescued them from the grave. The healing Word through the lips of Prophet Abraham Richard erased all the pain in Ms. Naluyiima’s body and brought along relief and joy. Right now, she is a happy mother who is going about her life normally. We give glory and honour back to Christ Jesus the healer; for His Word is a remedy to all pain and diseases.

Point to note: In whatever situation you are going through, all you need is a Word to sail you through. Ms. Naluyiima received a Word and it turned her life around; you too, whatever situation you are going through, seek God and He will send a Word to save you. Remember His hand is not too short nor His ears deaf to hear you. As the Prophet always reminds in one of his melodies that: Prayer is the master key. Jesus started in prayer and ended in prayer, prayer is the master key!

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