There is nobody who is not attacked by satan:


There is nobody who is not attacked by satan:

Proof text: Luke 4:1-7
Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso

Believer, the times you are going through, I know about them. Whatever you are going through, I pray that God will sustain you.

However, all in all, I want you to know that at all times, Christians are attacked but their only weapon is prayer and dedication to God. These times we are going through were revealed to us.

Some Christians think that, in this walk of Christianity, you must not get any problem and when you do, it causes you to question your relationship with God. Remember, there is nobody who is not attacked by satan.

Everyone is attacked; satan is also given a chance to touch you when you read the book of Job chapter one. This is where many give up when their prayers seem not to be answered.

However, the situation you are in is just asking you a question-Do you trust God? Do you believe in the faith confessions you were making?

It is vital to understand that; the Holy Spirit can put you in the right position where you can be attacked best. They (the Heavens), permit it to happen to check you to see if you are a true Christian or a religious man.

Look at my life; every other day I am attacked, but, I look to the LORD. I would not be able to guide you today if I had not gone through it. I cannot be called a teacher when I have not been taught.

I will repeat this; there is no one who cannot be attacked irrespective of their callings. Look at our Master Jesus Christ, He was attacked and yet He was in the hands of the Holy Spirit in Luke chapter four.

Prayer confession: I will not refuse God’s Will, but I will wait for His right time, In Jesus’ name!

Where you are right now, temptations and trials are too many and satan is whispering in your ears telling you to give up. Before you do, look at the answer Jesus gave to satan that,‘I will not conspire with you to fight my Father’s Will here in the desert.

I will not turn stones into bread as you suggest because it is my Father’s Will that I am hungry(paraphrased). Bear in mind that if Christ was attacked, you too, must be attacked and must overcome. (Selah)

Let us agree that there are situations you have gone through that have made you to be where you are today. Being a Christian does not mean you will not be attacked, you will be, but the difference is that you will be attacked with Christ Jesus. What attacks you attacks Him and vice versa (Selah).

A Christian, even though attacked, there is sure victory because Jesus won in the desert.

Question: HOW DO WE WIN?

As a Christian, it is not all about chasing satan away every time a situation comes to you. You have, most importantly be humble and obedient to the Will of God. This is what gives us victory. (Script. Ref. John 14:30) It is not that Jesus did not have the power to stop satan, but he just respected his Father’s Will and left the place with his disciples.

Many of us have the Holy Spirit and He guides us to do somethings but when we reach there, we start to fight against His Will. However, humbleness to the Will of the Holy Spirit is what gives us victory (Luke 4:4).
The truth in this scripture is that, Christ was in a situation of hunger, but even though He was in that situation, He was not willing to go against God’s Will.

Faith confession: Let me be in my situation I am in as long as I am serving the Will of God.

This is what they call being a Servant of God. The Will of God is only known to you not to the other. We may all know scriptures, but not all of us know the Will of God. When you do not know the Will of God, you will never gain God’s favour in your life.

Christ Jesus received victory because of one thing, knowing the Will of God. Remember there is no school that teaches God’s Will, but the Holy Spirit. (Script. Ref John 16:13-14: But when he, the Spirit of truth, comes, he will guide you into all truth. He will not speak on his own; he will speak only what he hears, and he will tell you what is yet to come. He will bring glory to me by taking from what is mine and making it known to you.) (Selah).

Above all, keep yourself in the Word of God.

Let us Pray: In whatever situation you are in right now, you as a Christian, God must be saying something: May you receive understanding of God’s Will in the situation before you, in the Name Jesus Christ!

And to you who knows why you are in that situation (lack, pain, rejection, setback, stagnancy, poverty, temptation, Country lock-down): May the LORD’s strength fall upon you to overcome as Jesus overcame in the desert, in Name of Jesus Christ! Hallelujah, Amen!

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