There is no parliament in the Spirit:


There is no parliament in the Spirit:

On 21st February 2016, the Prophet of God Abraham Richard Bisaso again prophesied; “I came here and I told you sometime back that; I saw the LORD looking at the door of the Ugandan parliament and walked away. What does that mean? Also some time back I said; mark my words, a hundred years can pass but God’s Word can never bounce.”

The Word of God has been perfected in the 10th Parliament of Uganda where we have witnessed the highest level of corruption with no shame. It is in this parliament that we have also witnessed Members of Parliament openly and proudly talk about sorcery and witchcraft. Not forgetting the peculiar comic acts displayed by the legislators whilst making the Parliament house look like a circus ground.

With all this drama going on, it is a clear sign that the Spirit of the LORD is not dwelling there anymore for He is a God of order. No doubt, when the Holy Spirit departs from you it will be the evil one in control as the Country witnessed on 28th September 2017. The trusted law makers turned into law breakers who furiously turned the Parliament building into a fighting ring.


It all began with the amendment bill to scrap off the age limit for the Presidential candidates. This bill was later referred to by the locals as, “Togikwatako” loosely translated to, “Touch not on the constitution” as it was being discussed on the parliament floor. Under the existing constitution, eligibility to stand as a Presidential candidate has an age limit of 75 years that makes President Yoweri Museveni 73years, ruling the Nation for more than three decades unqualified to seek a re-election at the next polls of 2021. However, removing the age limit would clear that hurdle. This proposal was to change the constitution – to remove the age limit, stirred both local and international widespread opposition from human rights activists, political opposition, religious leaders and some members of Museveni’s own ruling party.

However, it should be noted that against all odds, the Members of Parliament from the ruling party – National Resistance Movement (NRM) marginalized every critic and the members of Parliament voted in favour of this amendment. Amidst one of the heated debates, the legislators failed to reach a common ground, inevitable exchange of insults then broke out in Uganda’s Parliament amongst the law makers. Some were supporting the removal of age limits for Presidential candidates while others were opposing it. It was then that the speaker of Parliament mandated the eviction of some strong headed members out of the house. However, this order instead turned itching into agony as it sparked the infamous 2017 Parliamentary fight. Alleged Parliament security personnel in plain – clothes stormed the Parliament floor to execute this command. Exchange of blows and kicks broke out as Ugandan opposition law makers were being dragged out of parliament by plain – clothed security personnel.

This infamous Parliamentary fight stirred up tension and political hysteria across Uganda that it pushed Uganda’s communication regulator to ban live broadcasts of events claiming that it is “inciting the public.” Nevertheless, reliable media platforms present during this scenario recorded it as microphone stands were being used as weapons and at least two female law makers were seen being carried out after collapsing.  This is a clear indication that indeed the LORD had left the Parliament of Uganda for where He resides, such happenings cannot take place.

We at True Vine Communion Ministries for all Nations do not rejoice at what is transpiring in the Nation Uganda. However, we bring to you the Word of Prophecy as it is unveiling itself in this Country. Prophecy is our foundation.

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