From the astounding testimonies, Evangelists Okoth Alfred and Mugide Philo welcomed the believers in service in the name of Jesus Christ. Thereafter, they reechoed the Prophet’s message of knowing who we are sending our Prayer Requests to.

 John 5:5-12 Proof text : Verse 11 and 12: 11But he replied, ‘The man who made me well said to me, “Pick up your mat and walk”’ 12 so they asked him, ‘Who is this fellow who told you to pick it up and walk?’ Believers, just like this man, we too have been healed. But the question is; when you are asked about the healer, what is your reply?

This man at the pool, did not realise who had healed him not until Jesus came and told him, “Sin no more.” This means that Jesus heals us so that we can know him on a personal basis and create a relationship with him. Because; the greatest miracle is for man to have a relationship with the Spirit of God.  So look beyond a miracle and form a relationship with God.

As for the Samaritan woman in the gospel of John 4, she realized that she had met a Prophet and she confessed it immediately. Meaning there is need for you to know who you are seeking help from. For your not knowing, can lead you to sin before God due to ignorance. On the other hand, knowing the person before you helps you to put yourself right with God.

So, believers as you send in your prayer requests, be in the right faith and keep yourself in the position of prayer because, healing cannot come to you unless you understand the one that is going to heal you.

From the enchanting sharing, Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso jam-packed with the Spirit of God, kicked off with a prayer telling the believers to thank God in their hearts.” Thank you Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit for your Mercy, Grace and Will.” He prayed.

I know you are there and your spirit is ready; trust me, you will not escape this anointing no matter where you are. There is no limit to what God can do as long as you believe. Where there is a revelation, there is healing, breakthrough and deliverance in Jesus’ name [Isaiah 53]. Those who are sick, your prayer request is here and I am here to confirm your healing.

Romans 7:14 -15: 14We know that the law is spiritual; but I am unspiritual, sold as a slave to sin.15I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do.

Believer, the WORD of God is drawing light on what annoys God and this is sin. Sin cannot lose its grip in your life unless you let it know that you do not need it. For the more you keep silent with it, the more it will grow in you thus disappointments, failure etal.

Right now, I can sense a degree of sin in many people’s lives and it has caused worry and doubt. Where there is sin, you cannot believe in God because sin attracts every sickness and disease. Remember, righteousness has nothing to do with sin. Take an example of the man at the pool. The cause of his delay at the pool without being healed was sin.

Flies have the right to fly over your head but they have no right to sit on your head. So wherever you are, begin to command this spirit to leave. Sin, and your consequences surrounding me and my people I command you to leave. Every disease of covid 19, cancer, diabetes, setback etal come out of me in the name of Jesus Christ.

Believer, testimonies explain better whether the Spirit of God is in the house or not because it is the Spirit of God that does everything not man. It means anyone with faith can be healed no matter the distance [Matthew 8:5 -15].

As a take home message believer, it is a clean heart that speaks to God. When your heart is free you can hear God and receive healing easily. However, our hearts are not free and this is hindering us to reach to God. But today all you need to do is to forgive those that have offended you. Then your prayer will be heard this week thus you will testify. 

I pray for whoever is booked for an operation I prophesy success in the name of Jesus. Let the weak say am strong, let the poor say I am rich. I am Seer Abraham Richard Bisaso from the prayer mountain I see God’s Will perfected in your life and you are going to your destiny. Those spotted by the cloth of death, it is being torn away by the Spirit of God. Let there be reconciliation in your community.

As people are looking for rent, you shall build your own house. As you see yourself in the center of sin, I can see God’s hand working in your life. Believers, I heard the Lord say to me, “It is time for the ministry to begin. I finished the foundation it is time for the ministry to begin.” This is God’s Will and no one can stop it. Let there be God’s strength to do His will. I pray the Lord to heal your heart and I pray for His power in this week. Cover yourself in the WORD of God.

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