Engulfed with the Grace of God while wearing a smile, the Prophet of God Abraham Richard Bisaso took his spiritual stand at the pulpit and thanked the LORD for all the believers and wherever they were listening in from to the bread of life. He started;

“I thank God for you and as I was praying, I asked the LORD to make you happy, when I look at your faces they are saying something happy and I thank God for that. I pray that while we are in this season, we shall seek God more than before so that we get to know His mind. For if we do not, then we cannot find Him yet He is near.

The bible says God is near but we cannot see Him unless we look for Him [Isaiah 55:6]. When we search for Him, then our plans are watered and can breakthrough.

Talking about this, while I was going through the records of some of the teachings that were taught, I found a teaching about a spiritual worshipper. It was saying we are religious worshippers and this kind of worship is all about showing off, caring more of what people say other than God. This is our major problem and it will fail us to receive Eternal life if we choose to annoy God.

Man should not influence you to follow his ungodly decision because if he is not sleeping, he is talking. The reason why many are against you is because of the good in you. Very many people look at their failures in marriages, businesses, callings and conclude that they do not have anything good in them.

This is not true and I am here to encourage you not to listen to that evil spirit that influences you to measure your spiritual stand with what is around you.

When the going is tough, just bear in mind that it is your way to prosperity because whenever a believer is on their road to prosperity, there are alot of challenges. And while at that point, many give up which is not right because there is no straight road to prosperity.

Look at the story of the Israelites and their way to the Promised Land. Have you ever thought of why God told Moses to lead them to the Promised Land by crossing the Red Sea yet Moses knew of a better road than the one they had taken? The LORD was simply testing their faith.

Even when they reached the Sea, they wanted to go back because they had not seen the way yet the LORD told them there was a way. Quick question, if it was you by then, would you proceed or not?

The bible says that Moses the Prophet did not see the way even when they reached the sea yet the LORD told him it was there. And it was at that point in time that many wanted to go back where they were from, but they could not because pharaoh and his forces were close to them.

Many times we are like the Israelites, we always run away from the road to prosperity since we do not want to be oppressed. This is in human nature because we hate being disturbed by situations.

Nonetheless, a believer is supposed to push on and avoid being discouraged. For remember, a prayer of faith can be made a hundred times. There was no road in the sea but Moses stepped out as a Prophet and said that God had told him that there was a way and out of faith, it was made.

Believers, allow me take a reading in the Holy Scripture that can lead us to faith through the book of Matthew 9:27 [NIV]: As Jesus went on from there, two blind men followed him, calling out, ‘Have mercy on us, Son of David!’ 28 when he had gone indoors, the blind men came to him, and he asked them, ‘Do you believe that I am able to do this? ‘Yes, Lord ‘they replied. 29 Then he touched their eyes and said, ‘according to your faith let it be done to you.’30 And their sight was restored.

There is no trick for one to be healed other than believing in the finished works of Christ Jesus. Look at the scripture we are reading, Jesus asked the blind men if they believed that He could heal them.

And their response was a yes. This pushed him to say, “According to your faith, it will be done for you.”And they received sight.

Jesus heals us and makes a way for us according to our faith in Him. If these men had little faith, one eye would have received sight and the other not. Always bear in mind that through faith you can be righteous, see Heaven and have faith in God.

Faith makes a man mad. So what situation is before you? All you have to do is exercise your faith because there is a way for you and if you do not see the way out, it means you need to put yourself right with God.

A Christian is never stuck, If the world sees no way, to a believer it is there and it will come along with a promotion [Daniel 3]. To believe is to die from yourself; just put away whatever you think you know and let God lead. Because the moment you believe in yourself and not Christ, you cannot move mountains.

I hear many say I am educated, I deserve this job, I have a good family name, I am beautiful, I deserve to get married etc. However, without Christ, you cannot move mountains and succeed because success is not all about your ability but it is about God. With faith everything is possible.

Confess: I see a way in this situation before me.

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