The Word and the Spirit:


The Word and the Spirit:

Have you ever asked yourself why sometimes you are filled up with the Holy Spirit and the next minute He is gone?

This happens because the Holy Spirit has nothing to feed on the very moment He dwells in you. The Spirit feeds on the Word and if the Word is not in you, He can never stay either.

As a Christian, you must read the Word of God in Spirit and practise it. This is the only way it will grow in you hence feeding the Holy Spirit in you. The more you have the Word and Spirit entwined in you, the more you will automatically posses God’s power in you.

Remember, knowing Jesus by theory or by body counts nothing. For a body without a spirit is a dead one. demons are not afraid of body, because bodies are their houses. It is only God’s Spirit in you that can cast them to the abyss.

This is what Apostle Paul means in 2 Corinthians 10:3-5, that we Christians do not fight like physical men; but with divine weapons forged by the Spirit of God. Meaning, our enemies are spiritual too and we attack and overcome them while dressed up in the Holy Ghost power that liveth in us.

So in the Holy Spirit power, begin to demolish that evil serpent; camouflaging in the four corners of your life. That serpent spirit sneaking on you in corners, in a way that you have missed seeing it.

Prayer: You demon ( call it by name) of confusion, weakness in prayer, immorality, fear, worry etc. I demolish you in the name of Christ Jesus.

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