“The witch doctor told me to bring a two liter bottle of fanta soda.”


“The witch doctor told me to bring a two liter bottle of fanta soda.”

Like the Phoenician woman in the gospel of Mark 7: 24-30 who came to Christ Jesus seeking for her daughter’s deliverance, Ms. Namazzi Agnes from Masajja –Wakiso  too came in the same context  at True Vine Communion Ministries for All Nations. While testifying for the God of Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso, Ms. Namazzi narrated her epic story in which her son Bruce Karuhunga was demonically possessed and quite similar to a mad dog for he was biting and pouncing at everyone around.

She said that one day she woke up her son Bruce to go to school but the boy could not wake up. This went on for several hours with the boy in this state. As expected of any parent, Ms. Namazzi took her son to various hospitals but after examining him, the doctors affirmed that nothing was wrong with the boy. Contrary to the doctor’s report, something was indeed wrong, for no sooner had they reached home from hospital than the boy began getting fits and after them a strange uncontrollable power dressed him up; causing him to fight and bite everyone around him to a point that no one dared to cross with him.

Ms. Namazzi explained that down this“trauma lane” many came to her with pity and others with advice recommending her to visit certain witch doctors if she really wanted her son to get well. In an evil blindfold Ms. Namazzi visited every recommended witch doctor alas each of them told her a different story yet others told her that someone had cast a wizard-spell locally known as “Ekitambo” upon her son. Some others only exploited her situation and upon this she recounted a scenario in which a certain witch doctor told her to bring him a 2 liters bottle of Fanta soda if she wanted her son to be healed. This and many others she took to the witches but none of it brought any change to her son. The situation only got worse as the boy’s mother ran bankrupt yet the only person she could turn to for support was Bruce’s father who later on turned into a nuisance. Out of the blue, Bruce’s father began allegedly speaking that the boy might not be his son, leaving the troubled woman as miserable as a cemetery guard.

After spending a number of sleepless nights as a result of nursing her strangely sicks on, Ms Namazzi finally rested in good hands when a certain believer from True Vine Communion Ministries church for All Nations advised her to bring Bruce to church where God performs miracles and wonders. Blessed is he who welcomes the one that comes in the name of the Lord, for when Ms. Namazzi welcomed this divine visitor she welcomed deliverance of her son. She confirmed that when she brought her son for prayer the following day, the Prophet of God Abraham Richard Bisaso revealed to her that Bruce’s illness was a spiritual issue and a result of her rough patched relationship with the boy’s father. Ms .Namazzi confirmed this true because the boy’s father had a wife even in their courtship which made their affair complicated.

Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso prayed for Ms Namazzi instead of her son and miraculously the boy was set free from the demonic oppression. She verified that it is two years now since they were prayed for and Bruce has never had any attack for he was completely delivered. Today he is back at school and his performance is so good that his teachers have promoted him to the next class even before the end of year exams. Glory, honour and power back to Jehovah Ezer-Our helper.

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