The witch doctor told me never to cut off my hair:


The witch doctor told me never to cut off my hair:

Hale and hearty, 16 year old, Moganize Daphine of Kalungu – Masaka District – Central Uganda testified for the redeeming hand of the God through Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso. Radiating in the power of deliverance, she remarked, “Brethren the LORD is good.”

Recollecting the threads of her once miserable and tormented life; young Ms. Daphine narrated that since childhood she has always been under the devil’s spell. She said that every time she slept, she would see herself physically sleeping with snakes. As if that was not scary enough; she would also see someone carry her off her bed leaving the snake to sleep in her bed.

Ms. Daphine asserted that; surprisingly while she was in this horrific state she always tried to beckon on those next to her to help out but oddly enough they could not hear her scream.
Things fell apart systemically when she joined secondary school. While at school something would always possess her and compel her to beat her teachers and other members of the non-teaching staff. What followed was her forcefully being expelled from school.

In sheer panic and in an evil blindfold, her family began seeking for healing from witch doctors whereby they moved from one witch doctor to another but all in vain. Indeed as Mark 3:26: “…And if satan opposes himself and is divided, he cannot stand.” This is so true because satan can never sabotage his counterparts but only lie to his victims.

Even in Ms. Daphine’s case none of these witch doctors helped them out but only duped their money. At one point in dire search for healing, she was taken to a witch doctor that performed strange rituals on her. She narrated that they cut three hens on top of her head and they forced her to drink the blood that was flowing from the head while naked. 
Things got worse when Daphine was told that she was not to eat fish or beans and to always keep her hair plaited. Whenever she unplaited it, she quickly had to plait it because she would feel as if she was running mad.

Expounding her story, Ms. Daphine, could hardly forget the time she was left to sleep in a witch’s shrine for two months without even going past its compound. In addition to that, the witch doctor had also dictated that she should wear one red dress in order to make the evil spirits happy and calm.

All this made her to hate herself and also her own parents because they never took the option of going to Church for prayers yet they claimed to be Christians. This pushed her to run away from home unable to stand the agony courtesy of strange rituals orchestrated by the witch doctor who falsely claimed to treat her. She said at this point, she even wished to die however; her Creator had a brilliant strategy.

Through a good Samaritan she was directed to True Vine Communion Ministries for all Nations headquarters in Kampala; the pool of healing, deliverance and life transformation. This is where Ms. Daphine’s story was changed.

It was on Wednesday 22nd May 2019 when she had an encounter with the mighty warrior Christ Jesus.
While on the prayer line, in the Holy Ghost power bestowed upon Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso he prayed and destroyed every demon that was haunting and claiming Ms. Daphine.

Undeniably true, at the mention of the name CHRIST JESUS every knee bows. Daphine was set free and to prove it, she unplaited her hair the following day, cut it and nothing like maddness came to her. She also ate a dish of beans and fish something she had stopped doing a year and three months back.

Loving is our God because after Ms. Daphine was delivered, she forgave her father whom she had hated so much for taking her to witches. What a mighty God we serve.

Standing next to his delivered daughter, Mr. Kibuule Yubu confirmed that; indeed his daughter had been tormented by the devil from childhood.
He said “I confirm my daughter’s testimony to be true. Her being with short hair and seeing her eat beans and fish is enough evidence that she is indeed free.

Thank you Christ Jesus.

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