“The tale of the two shops.”


“The tale of the two shops.”


In delight just like the rising sun, Mr.Mulinda Davis from Mankidye –Kampala testified for the God of Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso who got him from zero to a business hero. He narrated that before he came to True Vine Communion Ministries for All Nations his life portrait was painted in disappointments, losses and debts. Mr.Mulinda explained that during that time he used to merchandise cell phones but nothing seemed to work out right for the business kept on going down; with every new dawn leaving him at the brim of debts and curses. Hungry for a breakthrough Mr.Mulinda began lingering from one witch doctor to another and little did he know that he was being bamboozled to fill their bellies in exchange for his downfall.

He recounted that in between this Perplex saga, he and his family were evicted from the house they rented only to be sheltered by a friend in a single room that she rented too. On this note Mr.Mulinda affirmed that at this time he was left with nothing apart from his dear life and this is how he began jostling in the streets of Kampala in pursuit of feeding his family. It was then that Mr.Mulinda who had just joined True Vine Communion Ministries for All Nations made the decision of giving his life to Christ Jesus,  the one true friend of sinners as John 1:12 says,  “Yet to all who received him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God.’’

Like a new seedling in the ground Mr.Mulinda too rooted his trust and faith in Christ for even when the going got tough, he decided to partner up with ministry hence causing the heavens to smile (Malachi 3:10). He testified that this was his breakthrough card for the more he supported the work of God, the more his business doors opened up. Throwing more light upon this, Mr.Mulinda explained saying that very year 2016 his cousin called him to work in his shop in Katwe-Kampala. One year later, the faithful ministry partner opened up his own shop known as “Anointed Home Appliances” in Katwe which deals in home appliances. Mr.Mulinda could hardly forget his encounter with Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso when he revealed to him that “I see you employing many people.” Indeed God’s prophet is God’s mouth piece.

True and perfect was the revelation because this year 2018, Mr.Mulinda opened up a second mega shop in Katwe which also deals in home and catering appliances. Today, he has many employees, business is booming and the tale of his two shops sells like hot cake around town. Wrapping up his testimony Mr.Mulinda Davis advised every believer in Christ to stand and support God’s work for the secret of prosperity is hidden in this. Glory be to Christ Jesus Hallelujah.

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