Under the authority of her Spiritual Father in the LORD Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso, Evangelist Esther Tendo welcomed the believers that were listening in from different parts of the world and these were her first remarks:“Praise the LORD! I greet you all in the name of Jesus Christ and good morning Servants of God.”

From that spiritual greeting, the Evangelist then led the house of believers into the message of the day as she taught;

“Today, I am delighted to speak to you; our theme is about; “Giving.” By the Grace of God, I pray that you can understand this topic as we share in the name of Christ Jesus. For I believe the Spirit of God is in our midst and ready to speak to you.

From ancient times, the source of our blessings has been through giving. The question is; why do we give back to God? First and foremost, it is a command from the LORD. For it is encrypted in the book of Proverbs 3:9-10 [NIV]: 9Honour the LORD with your wealth, with the first fruits of all your crops; 10then your barns will be filled to overflowing, and your vats will brim over with new wine.”

True and true is the Word of God because it is teaching us that we can never receive and grow rich unless we give back to Him. As a child of God, you are supposed to give back to God depending on what you possess. However, Christians of today do not.

I pray as we share, you can pick a leaf and change for the better. Allow me major on financial giving in today’s sermon.

The secret behind giving is that, it is the source of our financial breakthrough; that is why we should not give so as to compete with others, with pride or because we possess alot. Rather, give in humility that the LORD may expand your territories and give as a sign of surrendering yourself to God. For the bible says, obedience is better than sacrifice [1Samuel 15:22].

I believe as the Spirit of God is breaking this message down, whoever is in bondage is being set free from this spirit of greed and poverty in the name of Christ Jesus.

Let us take an example and I pray you can learn from it. If an individual took an extra step and sowed over five hundred thousand, I am sure they would expect the same amount from God.

However, with the faithfulness of God, I assure you with my personal experience that God will not only give the money back; but also multiply it, as it comes along with other miracles like a double portion of anointing. Let us learn to honour God by giving back to Him. In so doing, you will be a product of giving.

Let us take another example about me. When I had just met the Prophet of God Abraham Richard Bisaso in Juba -South Sudan, I was a very poor woman. I remember, during the moment of offering, I offered a ten piaster note which happened to be the least amount of money by then in Juba. And before offering it, I confessed my sins and prayed to God to take more of me and accept my offering.

The next day of the conference, the Prophet of God returned and asked for the person who had offered the ten piaster. Truth be told, I was scared to register my presence before the Spirit of God. Later, I confirmed that it was me.

 And the Prophet said, “You have given God your heart. I will not rest until I make you a rich woman.” This statement the Prophet said was very true because; I had given to God with all my heart. The LORD delivered me and thereafter, I remembered the widow’s offering in Mark 12:41-44.

From that day, I learnt to give God what I depend on. However, today the biggest problem we have is the fear for tomorrow. That is why we cannot give God what we depend on because we have planned for it yet it comes from Him.

How then, will He command money to come in your pocket? I remember the Prophet of God Abraham teaching and saying, “We should sow what we want to receive.” If you want to reap money, sow money because you do not need to have millions to sow, rather, begin with the little you have.

Give according to your abilities, that way, you will prosper. Let us take another example; in the physical world, if you have an account in the bank, you cannot go there to withdraw money that you have not deposited. Likewise, this applies with God.

He cannot give you unless you give back to Him through; taking care of your neighbours, His work etc. Meaning let the things of the world teach us what is in Heaven.

The time is now to open up your Heavenly accounts with God. Begin by laying a foundation of giving back to God. Do it as a sign of seeking His mercy, sow for your children and grand children it is never too late.

Wherever you are believer, begin to register your offering of thanks giving, tithe, charity etal. For this you are doing, you are taking care of the Body of Christ. Play your part that Christ can play His part in your life.

If you want prosperity, begin to give now because giving is a ministry of Christ that is why He expects us to build for His kingdom. The body of Christ is a unit.

Let us all be concerned about the work of God, that way we shall not be disappointed. I personally started giving with the little I had and the seed was watered. You too can begin small, God will expand you. Always bear in mind that you are not sowing on a sandy ground. I pray the Holy Spirit can pay you a visit and dig deep with this message in the name of Christ Jesus.

God does not speak to congregations but an individual and His kingdom is inherited as an individual. The LORD has blessed you that you can bless others. Sow now that you can harvest tomorrow, otherwise you will keep cursing people that the LORD has prospered.

This God is not a liar. Even when you give, avoid the pride and never confess that that you have given a lot. Be blessed!”

From the heart touching message of the Evangelist, Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso under the power of God, took his spiritual stand and led the believers in prayer after disclosing to them what the evil spirit of poverty can do. He taught;

“To all those tuned in to TVC Radio and the Prayer Mountain believe now for faith comes by hearing with your heart. I was here praying for the Prayer Requests that were sent and listening from God then I heard satan screaming in your midst that you shall not prosper. However, I believe you can and I am here to guide you in prayer.

When you are attacked by evil and you get an opportunity to pray, use all your strength, attack satan and make sure you destroy him and win the spiritual battle [poverty, lack, greed, sickness, bad dreams immorality etal].

Believers, allow me explain something about this poverty spirit, If you posses this spirit, it will bring poor people and company around you with poor minds and not constructive ideas. This evil spirit is just a total darkness. A poor man curses everyone and everything around them because they have no bight idea of prosperity.

The people who possess this evil spirit have nothing productive, whatever they touch dies. Imagine having such friends, your life will be destroyed completely. In addition to this, this evil spirit brings laziness in everything you do and makes you weak.The bible says in the book of Proverbs 13:4 that, a lazy man curses everything.

A poor man with a poor spirit never welcomes anything good that leads to prosperity. Awaken your spirit believer that the devil may not remain to you. If you do not give even the little you have will be taken away and added to the one that has.

Remember my saying; “Prosperity is not a chance but a character.”This character begins by loving God and giving back to Him. It is your time to prosper. And it is about the attitude you use to give that God will use to determine to give back. But if you do not love Him, even whatever you lay your hands on, will not prosper.

I thank you for listening to this prophetic message. If you need to prosper both in the spiritual and physical, the secret is in giving [Galatians 6:7]

Prayer: Father change my life from now. Give me a character of prosperity in the name of Christ Jesus.

Further scripture references: Acts 20:25, 1Kings 17.

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3 Responses

  1. Walayi is very true and thank you Lord for this wonderful testimony and I pray Lord grant his Grace to sow with a humble heart amen
    Surely God is too faithful
    Hallelujah yesu wange ngosiga Wawawa.

  2. Walayi is very true and thank you Lord for this wonderful testimony and I pray Lord grant me his Grace to sow with a humble heart amen
    Surely God is too faithful
    Hallelujah yesu wange ngosiga Wawawa.

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