The man at the pool spent thirty eight years without getting cured of his sickness in John 5:5[NIV]: One who was there had been an invalid for thirty eight years. However, when Christ Jesus appeared, all that became history. As it was then, even in this generation, the same divine mighty power is available to transform any situation that comes your way. Ms. Kaitamalya Christine is a recipient of that ever present power.

She narrated that, at the age of five, she had stopped bed wetting, however, things took a drastic turn when she was nine years. It was then that Ms. Kaitamalya went for a sleep over at one of her relative’s homes and she bed wetted!

As a Child, she did not put much thought about it but little did she know that this was the beginning of a spiritual battle in her life. From that day, Ms. Christine began to bed wet almost every day and as she grew into a teenager, whenever she would bed wet, it was not a problem. She had been blinded by this evil spirit of bedwetting that whatever was going on in her life was very okay!

One particular incident Ms. Christine recalls is when her elder sister advised her to take the issue of bed wetting before the Lord because it was not normal for a teenage girl of her age to be urinating. “You will get delivered from this evil spirit,” the elder sister told her.

However, all these words were falling on a stone cold heart because she thoughtlessly believed that whatever was going on in her life was okay. But out of “fear” for her sister, she did take the issue for prayer. Nonetheless, it was not in genuine faith because she thought it was not a problem for her, but her sister’s who was bothered by it.

As Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso teaches that to receive from God, you also have a part to play which is; being prepared and having faith. Ms. Christine missed out on deliverance for thinking that her problem was not hers.

As she advanced in her teen years, whenever she bed wetted, Ms. Kaitamalya got embarrassed. Her family members began to complain about her situation and sometimes, she would try not to sleep at night so that she would not bed wet but plan never worked in her favour.

Time travelled, soon, she was a young adult and ready for work. Due to the nature of her work, she had to leave home and sleep at her work place. This was a trying moment for Ms. Christine because of her bed wetting issue.

She was always on tenterhooks of her workmates knowing that she bed wets. At this point, Ms. Kaitamalya was engulfed with shame and finally acknowledged that this bed wetting issue was actually her problem and that she needed divine assistance to get out of it.

This problem took Ms. Christine into prayer asking the Lord to deliver her from bedwetting. Matthew 11:28[NIV]: Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.  Finally she was ready to lay her burdens before the Lord and because He is a loving Father, He did show up. Under the instruction of the Holy Spirit, Prophet Abraham Richard held a prayer meeting on 9th April 2021.

Ms. Christine was privileged to be part of it in Jesus’ name and when she picked her prayer coupon, without hesitation she asked the LORD to deliver her from bedwetting. Indeed, God works in mysterious ways, for Ms. Christine leaving home for work paved a way for her deliverance!

From that day, she has never bed wetted again all glory to the Lord Almighty. She is now a free girl who is enjoying blissful nights, no more sleeping and living under stress plotting on how to cover up her bedwetting.

Surely, there is no sickness, mountain, addiction or oppression that God Almighty cannot remove. Has your problem taken thirty eight years like the man at the pool, twelve years like the woman with the blood issue or even more years like Ms.Kaitamalya and there has been no breakthrough?

The ever present power of God is available to give you a breakthrough, all you need is faith and you will receive a mighty testimony in the name of Christ Jesus.

Glory and honour goes back to the LORD CHRIST JESUS!

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