“The power of revelation.”


“The power of revelation.”

Minister Henry Tendo Kaaya under the instruction of his father in the Lord Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso, took position at the pulpit and his first remarks were, “we are going into prayer.” The minister acknowledged that however much we are going to pray, we must pray with revelation. Without revelation, we are just religious men reciting prayer as though they are poems.There is power in revelation because through it you know exactly the right prayer to make.

Minister Tendo asserted to the Congregation that,“A Church without revelation is a dead one, similarly a gospel without revelation is as blind as a bat.” As Christians, we are supposed to pray with revelation- you should be a man with revelation. Whenever you are going into prayer, make sure you have a revelation. Upon this he cited an example of John the Baptist in the gospel of Saint John 1:35 who was a cousin of Jesus in body and knew him from childhood.

However, because he lacked revelation; he did not know that his cousin Jesus was the Sent of God (Messiah) not until it was revealed to him by the Holy Spirit after he baptized Him.

Taking a walk in the book of Exodus 12:13; “the blood will be a sign for you on the houses where you are; and when I see the blood, I will pass over you. No destructive plague will touch when I strike Egypt.”

The Minister broke down the revelation of the Holy Spirit through the lips of His Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso as dated 25th January 2019 where he revealed that, “I saw a spirit of death is roaming around the world- death in the four corners of our lives.”In assimilation to what happened in Exodus, Minister Tendo noted that the angel of death is moving around like it was in the days of Prophet Moses prior to the Passover.

It is roaming around in the four corners of everyone’s life;it can be physical death, spiritual death and also upon our loved ones; alas this is what happening now all over the entire world. However, as Moses and his people made a prayer with revelation and marked their door posts with the blood of the lamb. No doubt, through it, they were saved from the angel of death who passed their homes that night.

Behold, this is yet to happen even today the minister clarified, today is your day to be marked only through prayer and no angel of death will point at you if you pray with revelation and stay obedient to the voice of the Holy Spirit.

Summing up the message, the minister led the house into a prayer rebuking the spirit of death and asking God to put a Spiritual mark of Christ’s blood through the medium of Heavenly water.

You too Child of God as you read this message, using faith as your medium begin to disconnect yourself from whatever satan has used to connect himself to you, and confess: He that called me (Jesus Christ) is life Himself.

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