The power of forgiveness:


The power of forgiveness:

Forgiveness is a hymn written by the hands of God and when played on the frequencies of our hearts, the Heavens dance. Ms. Kamusiime Jona of Kabowa – Kampala attests to this as she had always been blind about the power of forgiveness, for had she known, her afflictions and oppression would not have lasted this long.

Ms. Kamusiime narrated that ever since she was a young girl, she never contemplated on forgiving others. Even though our master Christ Jesus puts it clear in the Bible that forgive others and you too will be forgiven, to her all this seemed like making snowballs in the Sahara. This unforgiving spirit lived and grew within her until her adult life. She noted that this became so rampant that she never felt okay until she found a way of paying back anyone who hurt her. This excommunicated character went on untamed past courtship to her martial home. Even when she met the father of her Children, her character of unforgiveness always popped up severally. However, things took a turn for the worst when she found out that the fiancé had a child out of wedlock.

After confirming this information to be true, she felt betrayed beyond recovery. Here she started plotting of how best to revenge on her fiancé. This time around she was off the rail for she was literally dancing tango with the devil; and it was he that was playing the tunes.

 This is how she came up with a plan to commit suicide and she almost went through with it. In an evil spell, she went to the shop and bought some medication to do an over dose. However, this was just a turning point for hardly had she gone through with it, than the LORD brought light at the end of the tunnel.

Surprisingly, as she planned to swallow the over dosage, she received an abrupt phone call from her sister. Thereafter, someone came and took her for prayer. On returning home, she found her medication had been thrown away. The battle was seemingly over, but the war had just begun. With the medication out of sight, she secretly planned on getting a panga to kill her fiancé.

Isaiah 62:1: For I will not keep silent, for Jerusalem’s sake I will not remain quite. True it is because God was never silent but rose up to Ms. Kamusiime’s rescue and redemption. Whilst Christ was guiding her to light, He positioned someone to bring her to True Vine Communion Ministries for all Nations. It was there that she encountered the Prophet of God, Abraham Richard Bisaso who under the guidance of the Holy Spirit informed her that she needed to go for confession class first with immediate effect.

With amazement, Ms. Kamusiime ascertained that there is a God at TVC Ministries, a God who knows every corner of our hearts. Indeed as the Prophet had guided, Ms. Kamusiime never remained the same. In the confession class, she confessed all her sins not to mention forgave all her offenders her fiancé inclusive. She noted that the moment she forgave her fiancé; she felt as if she had been offloaded something very heavy, that she had been carrying for ages. She added that not only did she forgive but settled the differences she had with her fiancé. As of now the two love birds live and work in agreement, they fellowship together for a family that prays together stays together. Glory, honour and power to the King of kings and Lord of lords- Christ Jesus.

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