The next President of your Nation is a Servant of God:


The next President of your Nation is a Servant of God:

Full of the Holy Spirit, the Servant of God Abraham Richard Bisaso on 27th September, 2015, revealed: The next President of your Nation is a Servant of God and not faking to be. Before this person steps in office, you will see signs of a Servant of Jesus Christ-humility to serve and justice. He will not take over power through bloodshed.  

When the Lord speaks, the wise listen and wait on it in anticipation for His Word never bounces. On this, the Republic of Tanzania elected Mr. John Pombe Magufuli as the head of state. Before elected into the presidential office, Mr. Magufuli was a Mathematics/Chemistry teacher who later joined politics in the mid 90’s. He then served as Minister of works, Minister of Livestock and fisheries, Minister of Lands and human settlement.

Insiders say that it was Prophet TB Joshua of the Synagogue Church of all Nations in Nigeria that advised him to contest for presidency. In 2015 under the Chiama cha mpinduzi political party flag Mr. Magufuli contested for this seat with two other solid candidates; Edward Lowassa the opposition leader and the incumbent Jakaya Kikwette. 

On the 25th October 2015 Tanzania held presidential elections were Mr. Magufuli emerged winner and was later sworn in on the 5th November 2015 as the 5th President of this East African nation. No doubt, Mr. John Pombe Magufuli is indeed a God sent servant as proclaimed by Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso; for not only is he a staunch catholic who enjoys singing in the church choir but his also a humble and caring person as quoted saying in his campaigns rallies “I know what it means to be poor, I will strive to help improve people’s welfare.”

To those born of the Holy Spirit, it was not a surprise when media houses in Tanzania reported of how  the newly elected President Mr. John Pombe Magufuli was doing servant hood work like never seen or heard before in Tanzania.  It is on record that immediately after taking office, Mr. Magufuli began to impose measures to reduce government spending, such as restricting unnecessary foreign traveling by government officials, using cheaper vehicles for transport and board rooms and meetings. This also included discouraging lavish events and parties by public institutions (for example cutting the budget of a state dinner inaugurating of the newly elected parliament). Most notably, Mr. Magufuli also suspended the country’s Independence Day festivities for 2015, in favour of a national cleanup campaign with an aim of eradicating the spread of cholera.

Magufuli personally participated in the cleanup efforts, having stated that it was “so shameful that we are spending huge amounts of money to celebrate 54 years of independence when our people are dying of cholera”. The cost savings were to be invested towards improving hospitals and sanitation in the country. Still on 10th December 2015, a month after taking office, Mr. Magufuli announced his cabinet with Its size reduced from 30 ministries to 19 to help reduce costs. On the same footing ever since he attained the presidential office Mr. Magufuli has been curbing down corruption and wasteful spending. This has led to him losing a lot of friends. But this has not hindered him from doing the good work. No wonder the natives nick-named him ‘Bull dozer,” a no-nonsense result driven politician. To this his fellow parliamentarians  once exclaimed that “Mr. Magufuli would have been the richest man in Tanzania; for during his service as Minister of works he supervised mega projects worthy trillions of shillings but never was he implicated in any corruption scandal.”

Proverbs 28:27 says, “ He who gives to poor will lack nothing, but he who closes his eye to them receives many curses .“ May God bless all those that have justly stood to serve the people. Prophecy is our foundation.

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