“The love banquet.”


“The love banquet.”

When Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso disclosed about God’s Will for the LOVE-SUNDAY the house of believers screamed with joy because they knew that God had heard their prayers. He said, “God wants to have a feast with us on the 24TH March 2018. So go out and call the challenged, troubled, poor, rejected and all your friends.” (Matthew 22:9-10) In every language known, the believers invited everyone for this special banquet. Like the crowds at the Triumphal entry in Luke 19:35, who spread their clothes on the road for the King of Kings; the believers at True Vine Communion Ministries For all Nations began preparing their hearts to receive the Greatest of all- LOVE.

The Eve

23rd March 2018, was the eve of the divine feast. Believers from all walks of life came together to offer the lots of love they had for God. As a token of appreciation for all that He had done for them day in day out. They harmoniously joined in the preparation work, mesmerizing about Christ’s Love that redeemed them from the claws of satan. Like a heavenly scent, God’s LOVE filled every corner of the church ground. As the vibrant youth raised the tents and prepared the guests’ seats, the women on the other hand prepared every recipe and ingredient in line with God’s Will and Wits. At a pentatonic scale the musicians too made their final rehearsals as the children danced and jumped all around with excitement all in the name of Love. Because love is meant to be shared, the sun could neither keep it to himself, so it ran fast to tell the moon to rise up and witness  this moment that lasted for a life time; so down went the day and up came the night.


Even before dawn on the 24TH of March 2018, the ground was already buzzing up with Love. By the time Mr. Sun finished taking his breakfast; all the meals were as ready as a teapot. At 8:00 am the invited guests began arriving; among them were those from Luwombo-Buikwe who like the Queen of Sheba came to see the home of the LOVE-MISSION TEAM that had visited them months ago. Others from Busoke and Bbule Islands, overwhelmed by the news of the divine feast, crossed the famous Lake Victoria to have a share of this eternal bread just like the Tiberians (John 6:23). Still out of the crowds, one could not miss to recognize the loud presence of the brethrens from Katwe – Kinyoro who were beaming like neon lights and like many others, they too came to find answers to what for a long time seemed like a metaphor.

“Are you rejected, persecuted or needy? Worry not I am your brother.” – Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso assured the crowd as he welcomed and later on ushered them to the most awaited moment which was THE BANQUET.  Like it happened in Mark 8:1-9 when Jesus fed the four thousand so it came to pass as hundreds lined up to share on the delicious Manna. With full bellies some even packed up the food to share with those they left at home for love is never selfish. As the musicians sang about Christ’s Love being sweeter than honey; many were blessing back the Omnipotent, Omnipresent and the Omniscient, for the healing, deliverances and for the new chapter He had wrote in their biographies. 1 John 4:16; “and so we know and rely on the love God has for us. God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in him.”

Behold we at True Vine Communion Ministries for All Nations have witnessed this Great Love, the Love second to none and the love that lasts for eternity.

Believer, God’s Love is not far from you, just believe in His one and only son Jesus Christ, and live a tale of Eternal Love.

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