“The KCCA Director; I see her completely rejected and almost forgotten.”

On the 5th April 2016, the prophet of God Abraham Richard revealed about the then Kampala City Council Authority Executive Director Jennifer Musisi. In his words he said, “I saw the once called KCCA director being completely rejected and almost forgotten in the government. God is not happy with the way KCCA is handling issues in Kampala. I saw her dying miserably. Imagine being used and getting dumped.  Let us learn a lesson. We are praying for mercy because we are all men. May God bless His word.”

Like the stone rejected by the builders yet it was the capstone of it all (Matthew 21:42) so was this word of prophecy that many minimized but later turned out to be the bitter truth. Two years down the road yet at the peak of Mrs. Musisi’s career, this word of prophecy began gaining flesh. Like a water painting fading out in the rain, so did the KCCA Executive Director Jennifer Musisi fade out on the Ugandan social scene where she once had a reputation as the most influential person in Uganda’s capital Kampala.

With no valid explanation Mrs. Musisi a once renowned supervisory KCCA boss was surprisingly out of her duties and someone else was allegedly commissioned to manage them confirming the prophet’s words “I saw the once called KCCA director being completely rejected and almost forgotten in the government”.

15th October 2018, media houses in Uganda brought forth astonishing news that the KCCA executive director had released and handed in her resignation letter and how she was to leave this office officially come 15th December 2018. The news of Mrs. Musisi resignation set Kampala emotionally ablaze; with mixed reactions from the locals more so the business community who alleged that Mrs. Musisi’s regime as KCCA boss a brutal one as proclaimed by God’s spokesman Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso that “God is not happy with the way KCCA is handling issues in Kampala”

On the same agenda, Mr. Isa Sekito the KACITA (Kampala City Traders Association) spokesman reportedly said that they were actually expecting her resignation since the day President Yoweri Museveni publicly accused her of being the root cause why the NRM political party was losing popularity in Kampala hence being won in every election in the capital. On 15th December 2018 Mrs. Musisi officially handed over the office of the Executive Director of kampala which she had held for seven years to the Minister of Kampala Honourable Betty Kamya who is in charge of Kampala City till a replacement for this office is due.

This prophecy is ongoing as the prophet revealed. “I saw her dying miserably.” So we wait but remember, what John 12:38 says. “Who has believed our message and to whom has the arm of the Lord been revealed?” Prophecy is our foundation.

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