The importance of your testimony:


The importance of your testimony:

Under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso took the believers into the message of the day titled, “THE IMPORTANCE OF YOUR TESTIMONY.” The Seer first remarked to the believers that, “There is hidden treasure in testifying but we Children of men do not value it. However, I am here as a Prophet of God, positioned to break down this message so that you can understand the mind of God.” With these divine filled words, he took a walk in the book of Mark 5:21-34: When Jesus had again crossed over by boat to the other side of the lake, a large crowd gathered around him while he was by the lake. Then one of the synagogue rulers named Jairus, came there. Seeing Jesus, he fell at his feet and pleaded earnestly with him, ‘My little daughter is dying. Please come and put your hands on her so that she will be healed and live.’ So Jesus went with him.

The Prophet revealing the hidden wisdom of the Holy Spirit said that; when Jairus came to Christ Jesus and brought his issue, he believed that He could save his daughter. His belief and bringing the issue to Christ is a perfection of the Word of God as it is written in Matthew 11:28. Therefore, for anyone who needs Christ Jesus to touch a given issue in their life, faith and trust is a very important component. The Prophet emphasised that there is no one who has ever come before the Lord for healing, deliverance, transformation or breakthrough without faith and trust in Him. [Mark 5: 25-29, Luke 19: 1-10]

Prophet Abraham Richard further breaking down this message said that, whenever Christ Jesus gives you a testimony, it is not yours to keep silently. Citing the example of the woman with the blood issue, he said that, when she got healed instantly, she got scared and feared to testify. This woman thought that she could walk away silently with her testimony but that is not how Christ Jesus works. He stopped everything he was doing and started searching for who had touched Him. Someone touching Him equaled to a testimony for the Heavens. For every testimony, healing, breakthrough and deliverance we receive from the Lord – we must testify because that testimony is for another congregation or soul to save them. The moment Christ heals you through His servants; He is pursuing something because the ones Christ uses to help us are the ones He uses to pave a way for our Eternal life.

The Servant of God emphasised that, God does not give us testimonies, healing and deliverances so that later we can walk away silently. We are supposed to acknowledge the power of God through testifying and then be used as tools for others to know that Christ Jesus is still working. When we do not testify, God will not add on us or even use us for His glory. The sad news is that Christians today have taken the route of silent testimonies.

When we are healed, delivered and given breakthroughs, we walk away silently thus becoming stumbling blocks in God’s work. As a Christian, always strive hard to be a builder in the kingdom of Christ Jesus not a breaker. Remember, God never does a mistake to release His servants; there is always a reason and purpose for it.  The Prophet asserted, “I know you have a testimony but you do not even know it.”

Summing up this Spirit edifying message, he noted that whenever Christ Jesus steps out anywhere through His Servants, there must be a testimony. Whatever Christ Jesus has ever done for you; He is always targeting a certain soul somewhere. Remember to always testify.

Believer, with this message embedded within your spirit, may it be a constant reminder for you to always testify for what the Lord has done for you always. May the Lord give you a hearing heart.

Confess: O’ Lord, give me the Grace to acknowledge what you have done for me

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  1. The Lord Jesus Christ through his servant Abraham Richard has done a lot in my life because whatever I have is a testimony, for whatever that enters my ears from his mouth, that I MUST see the results. Hhh I can’t imagine where I could be if I never found Tvc ministries, no one knows but the Lord Jesus Christ is my witness.Take all the Glory& honor.Long live TVC long live Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso

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