As the whole atmosphere was filled with the sweet fragrance from the testimonies of the believers who were thanking God for the great things He had done for them, Evangelists Okoth Alfred and Mugide Philo under the instruction of their father in the LORD Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso; took their spiritual position.

 Good morning believers in the name of Jesus Christ. You are most welcome in the name of Jesus. Where faith is, there is persistence.

THEME: The importance of praying in spirit.

Luke 11:1: One day Jesus was praying in a certain place. When he finished, one of his disciples said to him, ‘Lord, teach us to pray, just as John taught his disciples’ [NIV]. When you read this scripture, the disciples argued their Master Jesus Christ to teach them how to pray because they did not know how to pray. And indeed, HE taught them how to pray.

We too believers, do not know how to pray that is why when we pray, we are not answered because we are physical. However, if we allow God’s Spirit to guide us in everything, then we shall make perfect prayers [Ephesians 6:18].

The WORD of God still in the gospel of John 4:21 spells it out that; the time has come for us to pray in spirit, for when we pray in spirit we are praying according to God’s Will. However, satan can never go away if we face him physically.

Meaning the devil knows when we are in spirit that is why he cannot heist to go away when we have a serious spiritual encounter with him.

Believers, remember, a prayer made in spirit can never disappoint because, whenever we are in spirit we can easily see our enemy, and also know God’s Will [2 kings 6:15-19]. The same way the LORD opened the eyes of Prophet Elijah’s servant, He can do the same for you right now. So wherever you are, join us in this prayer.


Lord God Holy Spirit of Jesus, open up our spiritual eyes to see who is coming against us and carry our spirits to where Christ is in the name of Jesus Christ. 

From this yoke breaking prayer, the Prophet of God Abraham Richard Bisaso from the prayer mountain, conveyed another spirit packed message to the believers;

I greet you in the name of Jesus Christ our LORD and I know you are fine. I am sending you this message because, last week I said I am going to the Prayer Mountain since there is silence in Heaven, I am praying for your spirit, heart and soul to receive salvation majorly.

The Lord has been telling me, “Abraham Richard Bisaso, prophesy again to the People, Nations Kingdoms, Kings and Leaders.” But believers before I prophecy any other message coming, I am filtering and packaging it so that you may be able to know whether it is good for prosperity or bad for destruction.

I want to begin by prophesying to you. May the Lord Jesus have mercy on you. This is a word of faith from me and the intercessors here at the Prayer Mountain. It is a prophecy!

I have said mark my words, it is the message from the spiritual and I. Mercy is the prayer I am sending you. You may think you are so good before the LORD, yet you are bad before God. And you may think you are so bad before God yet you are good.

Grace will enable man to hold what comes from God because the power beyond human ability is available to help you receive. Mercy on the other hand, is God’s forgiveness. I pray someone can receive this message in the name of Jesus.

 Confess it and say: “I receive the Grace and Mercy of God through His Servant Abraham Richard.”

I pray may the Lord keep you safe and give you an attitude of prayer. Whatever is denying and refusing you to believe, I command it to leave. Let Mercy enter your family and break whatever strong hold around you.

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