“The epistles of love to the church of Luwombo.”


“The epistles of love to the church of Luwombo.”


In one of his all time living teachings Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso said “Love is the foundation of heaven and the greatest of all spiritual gifts.” Since God is love and whoever displays love pleases Him (1John 4:7-8), He instructed his Servant to put on his trekking boots and take the gospel of love to those whose hopes had gone down with the sunset. On 11th August 2017, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit the Prophet of God along with a few of his disciples moved to a place they had never been to.  It is without doubt that LOVE does not seek love to show love; the love compass pointed them to the newly established district of Buikwe in Central Uganda and God’s heart rested in a remote and rejected community of Luwombo Church of Uganda Primary School.

At a glance, Luwombo Church of Uganda primary school premises can be explained better with words; wrecked, ruined and shattered. According to the village elders, the school is almost as old as Uganda’s independence because it was in the early 1960’s when the first stone of the school structure was laid. However, old age, under management and being struck by lightning amongst other challenges caused the learning vessel to sink down the sea of rejection. Hope became a myth as every party was on its own and it was only the sun that acted as a denominator. As Prophet Isaiah proclaims in chapter 61:1,“ … He has sent me to bind the broken hearted…” Christ Jesus once again sent his servant Abraham Richard Bisaso to grant sight to the blind and broken hearted Luwombo. With a flamboyant smile the Prophet said, “I will come back here because the Lord is going to transform this place.” Having said this, the “Love Mission-Buikwe” was launched in the heavens and in the hearts of Luwombo residents and rest was Transformation.

The 27th September 2017 saw the greatest testimony of all times-LOVE come to pass (John 3:16). As He had earlier promised, the Great Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso led the True Vine Communion Ministries team to Luwombo village to show love to those that the world had rejected. The entourage consisted trucks with building materials, food, clothings, scholastic materials to mention but a few. At Luwombo C.O.U Primary school, the team was welcomed by the generous school staff as well as the expectant pupils. In delight they locally sang saying “Tubasanyukidde abagenyi  baffe, ku lwa Katonda ne somero lyaffe…”- meaning “Our dear visitors, we are so glad to see you at our school our dear visitors. We bless God because of you.”

After the warm welcome the True Vine Communion Ministries team shared with the school community all they had brought for them because Love always seeks for those in need -James 2:14-16. As the pupils jumped and screamed with excitement for the new items they had received, the birds began singing sweet songs to praise the Almighty for sending the village such lovely visitors. Like Psalm 126:1-2 states that “When the Lord brought back the captives to Zion, we were like men who dreamed. Our mouths were filled with laughter, our tongues with songs of joy…”

The Luwombo Church of Uganda Christian community was no exception; like the pupils and school staff, they too had a reason to thank the God of the Prophets. After a period of close to forty years of praying in a muddy church floor, God finally remembered them. The TVC Ministries building team cemented the church floor as the Holy Spirit cemented a New Level of Faith in their hearts.

We at True Vine Communion Ministries for All Nations are thankful for God’s love which fished us from the stormy sea of rejection and lack (Matthew 25:35-36).Behold today we are Ambassadors of God’s Love; The love that the Luwombo community will also live to tell.

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