“The defeat of a marine Spirit.”


“The defeat of a marine Spirit.”

Ms. Nankwaga Hidiat’s condition is better off imagined than experienced, for everyday when the sunset, her freedom went down with it. But that was before she met Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso. She testifies today for the Living God who works and speaks through his Prophet.

Since 2014, she was a daily victim of horrible nightmares and always had sexual intercourses with spiritual men and animals as well. She added that when she reported this issue to her parents, they tried to move her to all sorts of healers to be delivered but all in vain. As Ms. Nankwaga grew up, instability in relationships and rejection joined her in this creepy wagon that was dragging to the shadow of destruction and quenching all the little freedom she had left. This became her day to day life routine since  all the endeavors for a permanent solution had failed, leaving her to curse every sunset  because it only brought worry and spiritual molestation her.

 One given night as she prepared to go for a job interview scheduled for the next day, she had a terrible nightmare which consisted of a gigantic snake. Troubled and curious, Ms. Nankwaga rose up and came to True Vine Communion Ministries for All Nations to seek for God’s intervention out of this bile-bitter condition. Daniel 2:27-28 “Daniel replied, “No wise man, enchanter, magician or diviner can explain to the king the mystery he asked about, but there Is a God in heaven who reveals mysteries …” so it came to pass when Ms. Nankwaga met the Prophet of God Abraham Richard Bisaso. By the spirit of God he revealed to her the root cause of this wicked dream which was literally an invasion of Marine spirits something she did not know.

Indeed God reveals to save and where His word stands everything is put into light. After Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso unveiled the cause of Ms. Hidait’s misery, he prayed for her out of that doomed cage. Today she is a freewoman; she sleeps like a baby and dreams like Joseph. What a God we serve and what a deliverer Christ Jesus is.

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