“The danger zone.”


“The danger zone.”


The message of the cross is a message like no other because it is encrypted with overcoming and salvation. To the world it may seem foolish, but to a believer it is a saving hand (1 Corinthians 1:18). With gratitude, Miss Nakiganda Sandra of Munyonyo –Kampala testified for the power in the blood of Jesus. Her story dates back in 1994 when she lost her father as an infant and her relatives opted to take responsibility of her. In this setting, she and her other two siblings were divided amongst close relatives. She narrated that though she was that little; satan had a big plot to snatch away her freedom which was to divide and conquer.

Miss Sandra explained that at a young age she was being followed by a spirit of chaos and setback that could cause havoc, lack and disunity in her new family. Every family she was part of, its members ended up fighting, separating and being hit by abrupt financial setbacks. She noted that this happened more than twice and each of these relatives kept on returning her back to her grandmother. However, this was all like covering a leaking tank with bubble gum because this evil spirit just kept on camouflaging. As if that was not enough, laziness and resentment joined her torment where her family members began pushing her away as though she was a toad. They began calling her antagonizing names like, “The lazy one” and soon none of her relatives ever wanted to associate with her because to them she was a sign post reading “Danger Zone” hence leaving her at the empathy of her poor grandmother.

2015 was a year of renaissance to Miss Sandra for she recalls that it was then that her big sister came and picked her out of the dismay and brought her to True Vine Communion Ministries for All Nations where she was prayed for by Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso. She recollected that during this encounter the Prophet of God revealed, “I am buying you with my blood.”Galatians 3:13 “Christ redeemed us from the curse of the law by becoming a curse for us…” Indeed Christ’s precious blood was of great effect because Miss Sandra testified that she is a free soul today. Ever since that prayer, she has lived with her big sister to date and everything is fine. Unlike the old days when she was an agent of setback, today she is a brick of prosperity because since she moved in with her sister everything has been moving on to greater heights.

Confirming the little sister’s testimony was Sister Miss Nakirijja Sharon who said, it is true. When their father died, their relatives per-took care of them. However, each relative who took Miss Sandra ended up with a financial setback or a broken relationship. She affirmed that her sister is now a free woman, ever since her encounter with Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso she has lived with her but only witnessing prosperity. Glory be to Christ Jesus for His blood has indeed set us free.

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