“We cannot afford to keep a pupil like you in our school.” That is what the school administration told Mrs. Nakanwagi Scovia a mother to Igambi Flavia, when she was called due to what was happening to her daughter.

At that time, Flavia was always covered up because she literally was unable to be in a cold place, bath cold water and even breathe well; this was in 2016.

However, prior to those strange happenings, the little girl was perfectly normal going about her life freely until she was taken into boarding school.

Ms.Nakanwagi Scovia took her child immediately to hospital to find what was going on in her Child’s life. But at the first hospitals she went to, when tests were run, they informed them that there was no sickness found. In one final attempt of desperation, she went to another hospital and there, Flavia was diagnosed with asthma, this is when it dawned on the family that the life of Flavia would never be the same again.

She was given an inhaler and was supposed to be with it at all times in case she got an asthmatic attack; it would be used to deliver medication to her lungs. This sickness robbed her of part of her Childhood because she was a fragile little girl; if she run too fast, woke up too early, bent, spent the evening out or even tried to do any house chores what followed next was an asthmatic attack.

This awful situation had taken almost four years in the life of Flavia until she came to visit her aunt’s family which resides in Luwombo, Buikwe District.

Igambi from Jinja District narrates that when she reached there, she saw her peers involved in Church activities of True Vine Communion Ministers and she desired to join them. It was there that she was taught of the goodness of God and she believed that God can turn her story around.

It is undoubtedly true that there is a set time for everyone to receive their healing or deliverance and when that times comes no physical force can stop it.

During the Thursday service, Flavia was on the emergency prayer line seeking for healing from the LORD as it was in Matthew 15:29-30[NIV]: Jesus left there and went along the sea of Galilee. There he went up on a mountainside and sat down. Great crowds came to him, bringing the lame, the blind, the crippled, the mute and many others, and laid them at his feet; and he healed them.

Under the instruction of the Holy Spirit, Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso prayed for Flavia and she was set free in the name of Christ Jesus. It was evident that day, as the evil spirit that was disturbing her life fled her breathing system when Christ Jesus appeared.

“While at the prayer line,” Igambi recounted, “I prayed in faith that the Servant of God prays for me first and indeed faith did not fail me, I was prayed for first.” She further testified and said, “After the prayer of the Prophet, I felt so much joy in me.

Right now, I can do everything that I had failed to do in the past four years; I can bend, wake up early, bath cold water, cook and walk freely without the constant reminder of the inhaler in my bag. ”I remember the Prophet revealed to me that, “Many times when you sleep, you dream of a woman who wants to kill you.

Many times, she strangles you in your sleep and you try to scream and push her away but your fail. I was praying for this evil spirit to leave you. This evil spirit is the one causing this sickness that you have. In confirmation to this, Flavia said; “This revelation was very acute because I get those dreams.

”Accompanying Igambi Flavia to testify was the mother, Ms. Nakanwagi Scovia and Sister, Ms. Namwembe Sumayiya who had this to say respectively: Ms. Nakanwagi Scovia from Jinja: When my daughter got her breathing issue; at first, I thought it was malaria.

She was taken to different hospitals and the final one diagnosed her with asthma. When we came back home, she would be covered up from morning to evening because her situation was bad. Flavia was unable to be taught basic house chores like fetching water, cooking or even bending because of her illness.

As a mother, I would feel bad seeing my Child like this and I was left with the consolation of the inhaler that she was supposed to have the rest of her life. Every week, we would buy her a new inhaler but I thank God who has changed the life of my daughter. She is delivered.

Ms. Namwembe Sumayiya from Luwombo: I thank God for healing this girl, surly her life has not been easy. Imagine, if the sun did not come out, there is no way, she would go out like normal Children. When she came to visit us in Luwombo, we prayed to the LORD to heal her and He did through His Prophet Abraham Richard.

To confirm more on the revelation that the Prophet revealed to Flavia, I remember when I had started praying for her to be healed by the Spirit of God. I also had a dream when a woman had come to try stop me but it failed. I thank God that this evil woman has been defeated in the name of Christ Jesus. Igambi is now free and living freely as a normal child should.

Glory and honour goes back to the mighty warrior Christ Jesus.

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