“I was in and out of consciousness for four days,” Ms. Angelica Namumbejja narrated as she testified for the God of Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso. She said that in the month of June 2021, she went with a few friends for an introduction ceremony.

However this ceremony turned out to be the source of troubles for her, it was there that she contracted the deadly corona virus –COVID 19. She noted that a few days after, she started showing signs of malaria and flue. When this happened, she thought that it could be malaria but when she got medication, it was not working, instead it was getting worse.

When she checked on her friends who had gone for the introduction ceremony, they were showing exactly the same signs and that is when they confirmed that they had contacted corona virus. She then started taking medication and steaming sessions but nothing was breaking through for healing.

Ms. Angelica narrated that she would feel heat all over her body, then sudden coldness. She could not feel, smell, taste or even see clearly. In addition to that, she said that she felt like pulling out her body parts from herself so that she may have some sort of peace.

She even started getting hallucinations, however in the midst of all this extreme torture, torment and seeing no breakthrough of healing, she remembered she has a living God-the God of Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso who was able to change any situation for those who seek Him in truth and spirit.

As the corona virus was trying to take her out of this world, she was confessing one statement, “You may attack me corona but you will not kill me.” Indeed, a word spoken in true faith, the LORD Almighty will attend to it. As she made her faith confession, she backed it up with sending her prayer request to True Vine Communion Ministries for All Nations.

No sooner had she finished sending in the prayer request than Prophet Abraham Richard under the guidance of the Holy Spirit was instructed to send a prayer for the people who were suffering from corona virus. As per the instruction of the Holy Spirit, He released a Prophetic prayer commanding every Peter who is suffering from corona virus to be delivered.

As it is written in Hosea 12:13: The LORD used a prophet to bring Israel up from Egypt, by a prophet he cared for them [NIV]. Indeed as it is written, this word came to perfection. When Ms. Angelica received the Prophet’s prayer, she said that immediately she started getting delivered vomiting out poisonous substances and after that started breathing normally again.

Furthermore, she said that right now she has gained back all her five sense; breathing, smelling, feeling and tasting. She now sleeps well and even the hallucinations have stopped all because of the prayer that was made by the Prophet of God, Abraham Richard under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Indeed, it was not by might or strength of any man but by the Spirit of the Living God that healed Ms. Angelica and her friend. Glory and honour goes back to the Living God the healer of all diseases.

Advice from Ms. Angelica: The corona virus is such a deceptive spirit that has come to kill, steal and destroy. It will use any situation to bring itself in your surroundings; do not listen to what people are saying that when you get the vaccination, you will get coronavirus.

I had not yet received the vaccination but I got the coronavirus; but by the Grace of God, I was healed. My message for Servants of God is; this corona virus has come to check us, let us not forget the revelation of the Prophet of God that the coming season, more Servants of God are going to die physically and spiritually. Please, let us put ourselves right with GOD before we are hit by this virus.

REMINDER: We glorify the name of God who delivered this lady. Child of God, do not forget the words of Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso that he said on 13th June 2021 that, those who can go for vaccination if you receive the opportunity go it is not evil.

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