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Not only is it the duty of a Christian to have a relationship with God, but it is also paramount for them to be good Christians in their communities.

“Why?” you may ask, it because in the communities you live in, you become a representative of God.

He will use you to take care of His People, and you can only do that when you have created an atmosphere of the love and harmony of Christ Jesus. In so doing, God will send His People to you, every time He wants to do something to them.

In Buikwe District, particularly, Luwombo, they have reaped the benefits of being with a good Christian in many different ways!

When the bore hole of Luwombo failed to operate properly, the community tried to raise funds to fix it but they failed. Due to this breakdown, the community members of Luwombo had to move quite a distance to fetch water and this was hectic to say the least.

That is when the elders and the local leaders of the community remembered that there was a good Christian living among them, Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso.

They sent in their request for the Prophet of God to assist them in the repair of the borehole. In the name of love, he met them and they explained to him how dire the situation in Luwombo.

Moved by the Spirit of God, Prophet Abraham Richard and the True Vine Communion Ministers partners agreed to help the community to repair the borehole.

After preparations were made, and an engineer was brought in to begin the repairs, however, he found out that the borehole was in a worse state than anticipated.

He said that nearly the entire system within of the bore hole was dead. He advised that if possible, the Prophet and his partners should fix the whole system to avoid constant repairs.

As we are reminded in 1Corthians 13 that Love never fails, when this information was relied to the Prophet, together with his partners, the finances that were needed were raised and they worked on the borehole.

After this major uplift, some of the residents and the local leaders came to witness how quickly and gracefully the water was flowing from the bore hole once again. It was reported that it will be long before the borehole will need any repairs because of all the work that was done.

Years in, the community of Luwombo is enjoying clean water that is within a walkable distance. Long gone are the gloomy faces that were seen tracking to go and fetch water from a distance place. Joy has been restored to the People of Luwombo!

As the prophet of God teaches that love is the foundation of all spiritual gifts, and the highest of all gifts. These stories are compiled as a reminder to the Children of God and for the next generation of believers that in whatever we do, we should be ambassadors of Christ Jesus spreading the gospel of love [James 1:17, Acts 10:1-2, James 1:14-17,145:4-7].

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