The bitter consequences of having intercourse with my cousin:


The bitter consequences of having intercourse with my cousin:

They say life is a monster that cannot be tamed, but that is nothing when Christ appears on the scene, for there is nothing He cannot tame, not even the oldest demon in human history.

Proof to this is Mr. Mugume Johnson, a teacher from Ntungamo District in Western Uganda who had long been haunted by a monster of chronic illness and spiritual evil spiritual women.  

For over twenty years, the doctors had diagnosed this persistent sickness he had as peptic ulcers. This illness had not only wasted away his body but also his dream of prosperity as every penny he ever got ended up in hospitals or clinics in pursuit for a solution.

Infact like the woman with the blood discharge who had spent all she had to many physicians so as to get better but only to grow worse in Mark 5:26-29.

The same happened to Mr. Mugume for as he was still rotating around hospitals, his condition only worsened to the extent that he started vomiting clots of blood.

It was amidst this trauma, that he was directed to True Vine Communion Ministries For All Nations to meet an exceptional doctor- Christ Jesus. Accompanied by his wife in the month November, Mr. Mugume made it to the pool of healing; a place where all tests and trials are turned into testimonies in the name of Christ Jesus.

Through His Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso, the Spirit of the Sovereign Lord revealed the source of Mr. Mugume’s “ulcers,” as a spiritual retaliation rooted in a spiritual relationship. “There is a spiritual wife claiming you that you are supposed to be the husband. Even before your current wife came into this marriage, the spiritual marriage was already there.”

To his utter shock Mr. Mugume affirmed that whatever the Prophet had revealed was true. Here he recounted that as a teenager, he had sexual intercourse with his cousin but he considered it to be a small act.

On this Prophet disclosed that there is no such thing as a small act before the devil, because there is no small devil; whatever he inspires you to do, you will pay for it.

True is this revelation because to Mr. Mugume, the consequence of this seemingly “small act” was an odd relationship with spiritual women among other things.

In his words he said, “I get dreams when I am sleeping with different women and this issue has been disturbing me for a very long time. Even when having sex is not my mind, these spiritual women attack me and I do not know why.”

He explained that on top of being attacked by evil spiritual women, he also contracted other strange sicknesses. He recollected that ever since he had sexual intercourse with his cousin as teenagers, he developed a terrible headache something that severely affected his performance at school. He was taken to hospitals but all in vain and the untamed headache emerged into “ulcers” and eventually into vomiting clots of blood.

From revealing the source, the Prophet instructed him to forgive everyone who had ever hurt him which he did. Thereafter, he was prayed for and declared totally free by the Spirit of God. That instant the pain ceased; Mr. Mugume was able to run, bend and jump things he had failed to do for over twenty years.

Witnessing for her husband’s divine freedom and testifying for the healing hand of God was Mr. Mugume’s wife.  She too with total amazement thanked the Lord Christ Jesus for delivering her family.

She said that her family had suffered for such a long time. However, it was wonderful to see her husband well again. “Thank you Christ Jesus for delivering my marriage and husband,” she exhaled.

Note: Behind every action that you do, there is a spirit pushing you to do it. It can be a good or bad spirit. However, crowns and consequences wait in the corner respectively. Therefore, always ask the Holy Spirit to be the inspiration behind the actions you take.

Further scripture references: Matthew 11:28- 29, 1 Thessalonians 5:5.

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