We can run and hide but not from the eye of the LORD; everything that is going on in our lives is not hidden from Him.

Hebrews 4:13 [NIV] puts it clearly that: Nothing in all creation is hidden from God’s sight. Everything is uncovered and laid bare before the eyes of him to whom we must give account.

For Mr. Grace Walugembe, the validity of this Word was experienced in his life. For a while, he had an unknown sickness, his whole body was not operating as it is supposed to be.

In this state, he sought out to get a medical opinion from one of the main hospitals in Kalwo to find out exactly what was wrong with him. An appointment was made and he went for a full body check up, he was thoroughly checked, blood samples were taken and the doctors told him that he was very okay.

Even though he was told that he was fine, he was getting worse every day.

As the Word of God reassures us in Matthew 11:28 that if we are heavy laden and weary, Christ Jesus is able to give us rest. For Mr. Grace, his health life had become a burden to him and in faith he sent his prayer request to TVC Ministries.

Indeed, Christ Jesus through his Servant, Abraham Richard Bisaso gave this gentleman rest as the scripture says.

Mr. Walugembe said, “I received a message from TVC Ministries help line and it was a message from the Prophet. He revealed to me saying that God is going to do something in you and He [God] is going to reveal what is wrong with you.

If satan is involved in your situation, He is going to be exposed. We are praying for you, you too join in prayer, you will be fine.”

When I saw this message I was so happy, in me I confessed, ‘it will be wonderful to know what is eating up my health. I was also revealed to that I was in a spiritual cage, but God was going to deliver me.’ “You will know how satan is involved in your life and it will all end with Prayer.”

A few days after receiving this revelation, Mr. Grace was called to Kampala for a work related meeting. After the meeting, he felt very weak; he saw a clinic nearby and was convicted in his heart to go there for a meeting. This time, only three blood samples were taken and the doctor told him that he was suffering from brucellosis.

Truly God reveals to save, the disease that was eating away the health of Mr. Walugembe was finally exposed as the Prophet had revealed to him. He was immediately put on medication and every day that goes by, there is a tremendous shift in his health life. He recounts, “As the Spirit of God revealed through His prophet, indeed I was able to know what is eating my health and I also got a solution.”

Mr. Grace Walugembe goes on to testify that, not only is his health life revived, but also his spiritual life when he stepped at the Prayer Mountain. He said, when he got an opportunity to go to the Prayer Mountain, he was marveled at its uniqueness. He further confirmed, saying, “Everything about it from the time you enter says Prayer Mountain.”

He testified that when he came to the Prayer Mountain, he was unable to bend properly but after the prayers from the Prophet of God, he is now able to bend. He recounts, “As the Prophet was praying for me, I kept bending and feeling no pain at all. 

Even my hand was feeling heavy, I could not lift it but from the time I came here, I have been lifting my hands praising the Lord. It feels light, as a normal hand should be right now.”

He is as strong as an ox now by the Grace of God. Glory and honour goes back to the King of kings and LORD above all Lords.

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